volishon-logoVolishon is an MLM travel opportunity that officially launched earlier this year.

The company is headed up by CEO Joel Santiago and based out of Georgia in the US.

As is common with MLM travel opportunities, the core focus of Volishon is affiliate recruitment. Six or so months in, today we take a look at where Volishon is at.

The following is provided courtesy of a former Volishon affiliate. At the time of his departure, he claims to have had one of the biggest teams out of 1800 total active paid affiliates still in the company.

According to the former affiliate, there were problems with Volishon right from prelaunch.

In pre launch is was foretold that we would see something that had never been seen before in the industry.

(We were told) 200,000 kings from South Africa were going to join the company the day after launch and be placed in the company forced matrix this giving everyone massive spillover.

BehindMLM can confirm Volishon affiliates were indeed pitching this in December of 2015.

Of course this never happened despite it being in all the early YouTube (promotional) material.

A couple of months before the launch Joel told a few select leaders that this had fallen through but not to mention anything to our down lines as big to cause mass panic.

Pre launch dates came and went and payments started being taken in March.

Although launch did not happen till May, some people had already made 2 payments before we even launched.

Other than recruitment commissions for their Volishon uplines, what affiliates who were charged were paying for is unclear.

The product which is travel and everyday savings has very little if any value to international people.

The everyday savings are only available to USA people and the travel deals are mainly for USA as well. Meaning international people get no value for the product they are getting at all.

This is not made clear in any promotional material or on any company websites.

Joel had started to get partnerships outside the USA, though any country in question would need at least 500 Volishon members to make that happen.

As the USA has 80% to 90% of the members this is going to take a long, long time!

Also the company gives you a free vacation when you join worth $500!

Yeah right, there are charges galore in the terms and conditions and flights to lay means you end up paying hundreds of $ for a 3 day holiday!

And again nowhere does it tell you these promotions are only available in the USA! If you live outside the USA they are worthless if they are not already!

Betraying the true nature of the business, Volishon initiated “pay to play” rewards just before the eventual launch.

Just before we did launch it was decided by corporate to reward people who were serious about building a business, by compressing the matrix with the “serious” people placed at the top.

The serious people were placed according to the rank they joined at; 3star then 2 star and finally 1 star.

Of course 3 star was the most expensive at $399, 2 star $199 and 1star $35.

It was encouraged to tell our people the best spot to come in at was 3star. All the company was doing was trying to get in as much money in as possible of course.

This came at the cost of other components of the Volishon compensation plan being quietly changed or disposed of.

During pre launch the promotional videos and comp plan explained the POWERLINE that ment 95% of members would get a cheque in the comp plan.

Shortly before launch this was scrapped but nobody was ever told this was taken out the comp plan.

Another thing that changed once launch date arrived was the company introduced a joining fee that was publicised to be $35 ontop of the fee you ranked at.

This changed to $50 around launch.

Post launch, Volishon continued to manipulate affiliate placings within the global downline.

After launch several BIG NAME LEADERS were brought in by Joel.

Names such As Dwayne Parsons, Mike Williams, Shayne Samartra and others –  and suprise surprise, they were all placed in Ben Gardener’s leg of course.

Ben Gardner is a side kick of Joel’s in previous companies.

In comments left on our Volishon review, Gardener describes himself as “a visionary (who) know(s) whats [sic] going on”.

These leaders were being placed in higher positions in the matrix than other people who had been in since day 1 of pre launch back in December.

More and more kept coming in, all placed right at the top of Ben’s leg.

When the time came to pay Volishon affiliates for their recruiting efforts, reality did not meet expectations.

Pay day came and went several times before they finally sorted out the payment processor. When they did everyone was in for a big shock.

First pay run saw many unhappy and disappointed people.

In all the comp plan videos it was said people got a cheque match bonus on everyone’s earning within their organisation.

However what they forgot to say was that was only payable on the matrix part of the comp plan leaving many people with little or even no warnings.

People who had paid in $399 and been lead to believe they had a position of equity in Joel’s own words, got payments of $3 for the month!

This naturally triggered refund requests, which Volishon addressed by changing affiliate contracts.

When people then questioned it and asked for refunds, the refund terms and conditions were changed in the contract leaving people being lead to believe they were not entitled to a refund.

Whether Volishon affiliates who requested refunds actually received them is unclear.

The combination of Volishon’s issues and the natural tapering off of any MLM recruitment-driven scheme, saw Volishon’s launch affiliate numbers dry up.

18,000 people pre registered and at launch just over a month ago they said they had 2,000 paid members.

The current state of the business?

I made the choice to walk from the company having saw what a total shambles (it was).

Around the same time Cindy Buchanan was brought in (she was also big in ptp) and promptly placed in a high spot in the matrix, jumping 1,800 or so people who had joined before her.

In a recent video I watched on Joel’s timeline he was suggesting everyone bulk message and copy and paste a pitch script he had made, and basically spam everyone’s Facebook inbox you could with your link to join.

Current Alexa rankings for the Volishon website suggest it might have already collapsed.