Beverly Trca-Kitchen stands accused by the Zeek Receiver of stealing $314,228 from Zeek Rewards victims.

In the wake of Paul Burks receiving jail time for masterminding the scheme, Trca-Kitchen approached the Zeek Receiver with a $2801 settlement offer.

Seeming not impressed, the Receivership rejected the offer.

In a letter dated March 23rd, Trca-Kitchen has asked the court to ‘review (her) offer and financial situation and’, override the Receiver and accept the offer anyway.

According to Trca-Kitchen (right), prior to signing up as a Zeek Rewards investor she

was going through a prolonged and costly divorce.

Infact, in 2010 I was a single parent and homeless. This divorce was finalized mid year in 2012.

Rather than accept personal responsibility for scamming people through a Ponzi scheme, Trca-Kitchen blames “lawyers” and “industry experts” for assuring her using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors was a “legal business”.

In the aftermath of the Zeek shutdown, Trca-Kitchen claims life for net-winners of the scheme, who made hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, has been hard.

The impact of this on the net winners has been profound.

One of my friends who I built with from Denmark committed suicide.

The impact to me has also been devastating. I came from a position of broke, in debt, and homeless in 2010 to finding a business that I could help others in similar positions turn the tide.

Ultimate, the only business that I thought would change everything for the better in my life ended up being even worse than going through a prolonged and difficult divorce while a single parent.

Trca-Kitchen claims she hasn’t been able to find employment post Zeek Rewards, largely due to potential employers discovering she was a Zeek Rewards net-winner.

Despite stealing over three hundred thousand dollars from Zeek Rewards victims, Trca-Kitchen today claims assets of only $8798.

I do not own a property or a home, and have not owned a property for over ten years. I drive the same vehicle that I have owned since 2003. I do not own stocks, bonds or any precious metals.

I live with my parents, and am significantly in debt to them.

They give me room and board for cleaning, snow removal, yard work and care.

I have lived with them since the end of 2010 when my divorce created a situation where I was homeless.

I no longer network and have NO confidence in ever networking again.

As mentioned above, I have been unable to find employment.

My income from 2016 was $8,858 and was primarily due to me zeroing out my Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

I am 55 years old.

Cited debts by Trca-Kitchen in CAD total $54,962.

Based on the above disclosure of my assets and debts, I am willing to offer a settlement of $3750 in Canadian funds ($2801 USD).

Trca-Kitchen claims that’s the best she can do “based on (her) sad reality”, and that

and judgement against (her) in the future would only necessitate that (she) immediately file for bankruptcy, as (her) ability to pay the full amount is not possible.

Upon receiving the above settlement offer, the Receivership demanded details.

Ms. Kitchen,

You made over $300,000 in the ZeekRewards scheme. We cannot possibly recommend a settlement amount that is approximately 1% of what you made.

Where did all the money go?

Trca-Kitchen responded by reiterating she spent the money on “business expenses, taxes (a huge portion), debts that were paid from (her) divorce (and) paying for other affiliates’ bids”.

The Receiver however wasn’t buying it.

Thank you, we are sorry for your alleged financial circumstances, but again we cannot recommend a settlement of such a low amount.

You should proceed to respond to our motion for Summary Judgement in a timely manner.

Trca-Kitchen’s appeal to the court to override the Receiver and accept the $2801 settlement. To put the Receivership’s objection into perspective, $2801 represents 0.9% of the money Trca-Kitchen stole from Zeek Rewards victims.

What struck me as suspicious is the lack of evidence Trca-Kitchen provided to prove her claims. Her reported income is easily provable, but there’s nothing provided that backs up her claims of paying divorce fees, taxes and “business expenses”.

Surely there’d be a paper-trail proving Trca-Kitchen spent her Zeek funds if she did indeed do so?

And while Trca-Kitchen might very well be done with network marketing at the moment, on Twitter she was promoting

But uh yeah, Trca-Kitchen was totally not employed and making money since Zeek was shut down in 2012.

How much Trca-Kitchen made or lost in the above (mostly scam) MLM opportunities is unclear. Personally though, I don’t think anyone should be let off a $300,000+ Ponzi clawback debt though without thorough accounting taking place.

If Trca-Kitchen can prove where her Zeek winnings went and they’re unrecoverable, fair enough.

If she wants the Receivership and court to just take her at her word though, yeah… not buying it.

The court has given the Receivership till the April 6th to respond to Trca-Kitchen’s filing. Stay tuned…