Back in January the Zeek Rewards Receiver filed for summary judgment against Canadian net-winners.

Beverly Dawn Trca-Kitchen was one such net-winner, with the Receiver alleging she stole $314,228 from victims of the scheme. This figure was arrived at after forensic accounting was conducted on the Zeek Rewards backend.

Trca-Kitchen however paints a different picture.

Despite stealing over three hundred thousand dollars from Zeek Rewards victims, today Trca-Kitchen claims assets of only $8798.

In an attempt to settle with the Receivership, Trca-Kitchen (right) offered up just $2800.

When the Receiver asked her where the money went, Trca-Kitchen stated

she spent the money on “business expenses, taxes (a huge portion), debts that were paid from (her) divorce (and) paying for other affiliates’ bids”.

The Receiver rejected Trcka-Kitchen’s offer, and so she filed a motion requesting the court override the Receiver’s objection and approve the settlement.

Like the Zeek Receiver, the Judge didn’t buy Trcka-Kitchen’s sob story either.

On April 28th Judge Mullen granted the Zeek Receiver Summary Judgement.

Based on the undisputed facts related to Beverly Dawn Trca-Kitchen’s net winnings from the ZeekRewards scheme, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Receiver’s Motion for Summary Judgment is GRANTED.

Judgement was entered by the court clerk later the same day.

Trcka-Kitchen had threatened to file for bankruptcy if the Summary Judgement was granted against her. Whether she follows through on her threat remains to be seen.

No updates yet on Summary Judgement against the remaining Canadian net-winner affiliates yet.