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Did Seacret Direct’s acquisition of WorldVentures fall through?

It is increasingly appearing that Seacret Direct’s acquisition of WorldVentures has fallen through. To recap, WorldVentures confirmed the acquisition mid November. As part of their announcement, WV President Eddie Head stated that more details will be released over the coming weeks. That has not happened, at least not publicly.

WorldVentures confirms Seacret Direct acquisition

After months of not paying affiliates and keeping them in the dark, WorldVentures has finally confirmed it is merging with Seacret Direct.

WorldVentures in negotiations with Seacret Direct?

As reported in our article earlier today, WorldVentures has just laid off more than 50% of its remaining staff. Clause 2a. in the separation and release agreements, as provided to laid off WorldVentures employees, appears to confirm WorldVentures is in the process of being acquired by Seacret Direct.

WorldVentures “circling the drain”, lays off 50%+ staff

With international travel at a stand-still in many countries, it figures the MLM travel niche has taken a battering. Rumored to already be in financial trouble, WorldVentures appears to be on its last legs.

WorldVentures’ revenue “decimated”, CEO resigns

Legal correspondence between attorneys alleges WorldVentures’ revenue has been “decimated”. The leaked email correspondence pertains to a Texas District court case, which WorldVentures is defending.

WorldVentures & MaVie settle, trial cancelled

As per a November 25th case docket entry, the WorldVentures v. MaVie lawsuit has been settled. As is typical of MLM lawsuits, details of the settlement have not been made public.

WorldVentures RICO pyramid arbitration fails, case reopened

Our last update on Melody Yiru’s lawsuit against WorldVentures noted a September 2018 order compelling arbitration. In an October 11th order, Yiru and WorldVentures filed a joint-motion requesting the case be reopened. It appears after a year arbitration between the parties has failed.

WorldVentures v. Mavie trial showdown scheduled for Dec 2nd

A September 11th court order has scheduled the WorldVentures v. Mavie lawsuit trial for December 2nd, 2019.

Prosecutors file WorldVentures pyramid scheme charges in Taiwan

Prosecutors in Taiwan have filed criminal charges against WorldVentures’ owners, alleging the company operates as a “classic pyramid scheme”. Prosecutors have filed charges against Kenneth Edward Head (aka Eddie Head) and Jonathon Starks McKillip.

WorldVentures Review 2.0: Same old customers/affiliates issue

WorldVentures was one of the first companies we reviewed here at BehindMLM. Our original WorldVentures review was published in March 2011 and, as far as I can tell, for the most part still holds up. After eight years though and the recent introduction of DreamTrips Titanium membership, a reader requested we revisit the company. Read [Continue reading…]