It is increasingly appearing that Seacret Direct’s acquisition of WorldVentures has fallen through.

To recap, WorldVentures confirmed the acquisition mid November. As part of their announcement, WV President Eddie Head stated that more details will be released over the coming weeks.

That has not happened, at least not publicly.

Shortly after the acquisition confirmation, WorldVentures COO Michael Poates was to host a “town hall meeting” for affiliates after Thanksgiving weekend.

The meeting didn’t happen.

In a followup email sent after Thanksgiving weekend on December 4th, Poates stated;

The last several weeks have been challenging.

The leadership team has been working tirelessly to secure a streamline roadmap that will deliver the best path to success for WorldVentures.

We expected to have a solidified strategy this week, but a few key business decisions are still being finalized.

In my last communication, I mentioned having a town hall meeting after the holiday weekend.

My goal is for us to meet virtually next week, which will allow us to firm-up our roadmap, deliver a detailed business update and answer your questions with less conjecture.

To the best of my knowledge, Poates’ promised meet up didn’t happen either.

On December 9th, WorldVentures Holdings then sent out the following message to affiliates;

Being spontaneous and accepting whatever comes our way can be a tremendously positive [sic] and introduce a lot of excitement into our lives.

Just do your thing and let opportunities present themselves, let life take you where you need to go.

It can often be the right choice. But it can also be a source for a lot of frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty.

You’ll never know what to expect and you’ll never know if your path is taking you closer to your desired destination.

To alleviate some of this pressure it might be useful to create an outline, a basic plan that you’ll stick to on any given day, week, or a year.

Of course, the plan should serve just as a guideline, not as a rule set in stone.

If it changes, you should accept it and change with it.

But generally, it will give you a direction, a sense of purpose, and a clearer path to accomplish what you set out to achieve.

And just as well, many mundane tasks and obligations will in light of this seem easier and less stressful.

So go ahead, plan away, but don’t cling on to it at all costs.

Under normal circumstances one might dismiss the email as standard personal development fodder.

Set against the context of a failed Hail Mary acquisition and dire straits however, WorldVentures’ messaging comes off as ominous.

For their part, Seacret Direct haven’t mentioned WorldVentures in any official capacity since the mid November announcement.

Personally I believe that if the acquisition has indeed fallen through, both WorldVentures and Seacret Direct have an obligation to their distributors to acknowledge so.

Failing to do so is a poor reflection on both companies’ executive teams and management.