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WorldVentures pyramid scheme warning issued in Rwanda

Following an internal investigation into WorldVentures by Rwandan authorities, yesterday the Rwanda Development Board issued a pyramid scheme warning to the public.

WorldVentures granted permanent injunction against David Wood

Following on from a Temporary Restraining Order and contempt charge, WorldVentures has been granted a permanent injunction against David Wood.

David Wood found in contempt in WorldVentures’ Texas case

Following WorldVentures’ filing of a contempt motion on July 27th, David Wood has been found in contempt of court. The August 8th case docket states that WorldVentures’ attorneys attended the hearing. David Wood failed to make an appearance.

WorldVentures’ Sth African affiliates owed $106K in unpaid commissions

Following other top affiliates that have sued the company for unpaid commissions, now comes Devraj and Cassandra Soojay with a lawsuit demanding $106,000.

WorldVentures’ top Asian affiliate sues for $243K in unpaid commissions

Since revealing WorldVentures owes one of its affiliates almost $100,000 in unpaid commissions, we’re receiving confirmation that other affiliates are in similar predicaments. One such affiliate is WorldVentures’ top Asian affiliate, Dennis Bay.

WorldVentures denied preliminary injunction against MaVie & Ariix

Having successfully overturned an ex parte TRO, defendants MaVie and Ariix have survived WorldVentures’ motion for a preliminary injunction.

“No timeframe” for WorldVentures unpaid commissions

As WorldVentures continues to pursue litigation in an attempt to stop those who leave from earning elsewhere, unpaid commissions has emerged as the primary reason for affiliate departures. The latest development is the disturbing revelation that WorldVentures has “no timeframe” for unpaid commissions.

How much does WorldVentures owe affiliates in unpaid commissions?

Owing the amount of litigation WorldVentures has recently filed, we’ve published a number of articles featuring the company this week. Perhaps one unintended consequence of WorldVentures’ legal filings is disclosure as to how much it currently owes affiliates. I’ve been hearing rumors that WorldVentures is behind on commission payments for some time now. But up [Continue reading…]

WorldVentures file lawsuits globally, MaVie allege manipulation

Having overturned a previously granted TRO, MaVie are now defending WorldVentures’ lawsuit to either settlement or trial. In addition to their lawsuit in the US, it has come to light WorldVentures has filed related lawsuits in South Africa and Singapore. Since initiating this lawsuit, Plaintiffs have launched a worldwide litigation attack to squelch fair competition [Continue reading…]

David Wood vs. WorldVentures: TRO granted, religious persecution?

Just over a month ago WorldVentures terminated David Wood’s affiliate position. The cited reason for the termination was Wood’s use of “lewd images and profane and obscene language” on his personal website, as well as ‘negative and demeaning statements about a fellow WorldVentures Representative, and the company’s CEO‘. Wood claims World Ventures owes him commissions. [Continue reading…]