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The Eddie Head defense declarations

As part of his defense against WorldVentures seeking a preliminary injunction against him, former President Eddie Head filed a declaration on March 24th. Head is joined by Byron Schrag, Izhak Ben Shabat, Matt Morris and Muzafer Najfi, who each filed separate declarations a day earlier on March 24th. Kenneth “Eddie” Head – hired by WorldVentures [Continue reading…]

WorldVentures’ collapse, as told by Seacret CEO Izhak Shabat

Izhak Ben Shabat, co-founder and CEO of Seacret Direct, has filed a lengthy declaration detailing WorldVentures’ collapse and the months leading up to it. Shabat’s declaration was filed in support of Eddie Head, who is a defendant in proceedings initiated by WorldVentures.

WorldVentures granted TRO against Eddie Head

WorldVentures has secured a Temporary Restraining Order against former President Eddie Head. Pending the outcome of an upcoming preliminary injunction hearing, Seacret Direct’s travel plans might be over before launch.

WorldVentures sues Seacret, asserts breach of agreement

In news that shouldn’t come as a surprise, Spherature Investments, WorldVentures’ parent company, has filed suit against Seacret Direct.

WorldVentures sues Eddie Head, RIP Seacret Direct merger

WorldVentures has filed a lawsuit against Eddie Head. As revealed in the lawsuit, the on again off again Seacret merger is officially dead.

Bad blood between WorldVentures and Seacret Direct?

Something strange is going on between WorldVentures and Seacret Direct. Since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Seacret Direct has poached three high-level executives from WorldVentures. Now, in a communication sent out to distributors, WorldVentures has confirmed ” there is no plan for a merger with Seacret”. What is going on?

WorldVentures’ bankruptcy scalps two execs (maybe not?)

WorldVentures’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy has seen two executives quit the company. Last week WorldVentures COO Michael Poates announced the departure of CSO Eddie Head, and SVP of Global Sales Justin Call.

WorldVentures RICO pyramid case stayed pending Ch 11

WorldVentures’ filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy has triggered an automatic stay in the RICO pyramid case. Both Plaintiff Melody Yiru and defendants WorldVentures filed suggestions of bankruptcy on December 24th and 28th respectively.

WorldVentures files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

WorldVentures has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The news was shared with the company’s affiliates via a December 22nd email sent out by COO Michael Poates. A press-release was also uploaded to WorldVentures’ website, both of which are quoted from below.

Seacret Direct signing WorldVentures affiliates, failed merger?

A cloud of uncertainty remains hanging over the announced WorldVentures and Seacret Direct merger. In the meantime, WorldVentures has sent out an email to its affiliates containing an interesting “commission clarification” clause.