As Wiseling’s admins attempt to placate angry investors on social media, it has been revealed that the actor playing CEO Matias Lappo has fled.

As provided by BehindMLM reader WhistleBlowerFin, Wiseling’s admin(s) appear increasingly agitated at questions from investors.

After having Matias Lappo tell investors they had acquired Visa and Mastercard merchant services from the “Central Bank of Finland and EU”, the Central Bank of Finland responded with the obvious:

That they don’t issue Visa and Mastercards to private businesses.

When asked about the Central Bank of Finland’s response, here’s what Wiseling’s admin had to say:


Did you invest with crypto FIAT? How is Bank of Finland related to us?

Why do you invest in cryptocurrency and expect it to be with Bank of Finland?

I still do not understand why people can get so irrational!

Because they were obviously lying about having acquired merchant services from the Bank of Finland, the original claim they had Lappo make a video about isn’t addressed.

When asked if Lappo would be appearing in any more videos, the admin manning Wiseling’s Telegram accounts responded;

If you check across all social platforms you would realize a lot of people have been using my images wrongly and doing all sorts of things with my videos.

I am human, put yourself in my shoes. How would you feel.

We have received only ridicule and not no praises since the whole thing started.

I will not make any videos of for the purpose of convincing anyone and people who not yet believe in me and us as a company after all these time.

The real reason the Lappo actor has disappeared is likely due to Finnish authorities referring the matter to EUROPOL.

Even if you are just a Boris CEO, being the face of a Ponzi scheme being pursued by authorities makes life difficult.

In addition to the actor playing Lappo disappearing, Wiseling’s admins have also advised they’ll no longer be responding to top investors.

I have decided to stop replying messages from leaders because most have failed to shw [sic] any attribute of being a leader whatsoever.

Many of their downlines are panicking and a lot of wrong information have been spread about the company and no leader or group of leaders was able to control the situation from their end.

Another lie Wiseling’s admins put forth relates to the SEC;

We were orderd to stop all activities and adjust to the new terms by the SEC.

First and foremost there are no public filings from the SEC pertaining to Wiseling. Nor has Wiseling provided any.

Secondly the SEC doesn’t negotiate with Ponzi schemes. If the SEC were to get involved there’d be asset seizures and a complaint filed.

None of that has happened.

Like the Bank of Finland nonsense, Wiseling is throwing the SEC’s name out there as part of their exit-scam.

Speaking of which, Wiseling is still dangling the prospect of withdrawals over its investors.

As soon as our server is back up and all necessary adjustments have been made, we will then resume withdrawals.

You will be able to withdraw all your balances but please in this state of mind, please not that is all members decide to do this to us, it will cripple the company.

Be a good member and do not have such plans in mind after resumption.

What’s actually happening is Wiseling’s admins are cleaning out the company’s crypto wallets.

One example of an ethereum wallet tied to Wiseling shows $11.6 million being pulled from an ethereum account (click to enlarge):

The amount taken out was converted to USDT, leaving just $751 in the account.

This is what’s left of Wiseling investor funds being stolen right before their eyes, while admins continue to feed investors lies over Telegram and other social media platforms.