achieve-community-logoThree weeks ago payment processor Payoneer pulled the plug on the Achieve Community.

This unexpected and abrupt severing of ties threw Achieve into turmoil, with untold sums of money trapped in the system and those who had invested left with no way to access their funds.

Quick to promise relief by bringing a new processor on board, twenty days later and Achieve are still struggling to pass compliance regulations for payment processors they’ve approached.

Careful not to reveal who they’ve thus far approached until a contract has been signed, the latest update from Achieve Community attempts to plant the seed that complaining affiliates are behind the delays.

Achieve Community co-founder Kristi Johnson writes;

Hello Achieve Community!

I’ve just heard from our processors – we are still in compliance being looked over with a fine tooth comb. And as I said yesterday, they aren’t seeing anything that needs to be changed, so it’s all still looking very good, that’s truly good news. And now they are saying this week it should be done.

This may sound harsh, but consider this – the more negativity you, members of Achieve or not, continue to post and share, the longer it takes for us to start up again.

Those of you who are ready join us in Achieve, or ready to see your positions hit the matrix, the people with all the criticisms are the people who are causing you wait. It’s that simple.

Any legitimate payment processor need only ask Achieve Community one thing:

“Are you selling products and services to retail customers, and if so, please provide your retail revenue figures for the last few months.”

Less than legitimate processors might skip this crucial due diligence and instead focus on the probability Achieve Community affiliates are going to put their accounts at risk via cashbacks.

Negative comments and criticism from affiliates would suggest this will hit whoever takes Achieve onboard. And to that end Johnson pleads,

What can we do?

I am not looking at those comments any longer because I need to stand for our future and be the positive voice of Achieve. That’s who I am for you right now.

Everyone in our community can stand with me too. And you can all help us all, just like our community always has done.

If you see anything being said that is incorrect, correct it!
If you see anything that divides us, bring us back together!
If you see anything that is negative, share what is positive!
If you see disbelief, share belief!
If you see complaints, point out the positives!

Let’s do this together! Let’s get Achieve being talked about again in the most positive light we can create.

Right. Because instead of just putting an end to a cycler Ponzi scheme that has no retail activity taking place whatsoever, let’s instead just ignore that and focus on flooding the internet with positivity.

What exactly is positive about the wholesale ripping off of people who join a cycler scam after you? Beats me.

Everytime you hear about someone in Achieve Community making thousands of dollars (the largest I’ve seen was about $70,000, who knows how much the admins have made off with), that’s money they’ve stolen from people who joined after them.

Those people, now being urged to flood the internet with positive spam, are hoping that, should a payment processor take on the risk of Achieve, that new investors will then join and fund their ROIs.

What happens to those investors? Well who cares… you’ve made your money and Achieve Community is wonderful.

I want to share with you a bit more about how all this works….

Here is what is taking the time – we are an online company. That means they look at everything about us online.

The business model Kristi, it’s the business model that they should be looking at.

Any payment processor that makes a decision based on online comments by affiliates is obviously just looking to collect some quick transaction fees and then pull the plug like Payoneer did.

Left unsaid is what will happen to the funds if the processor(s) Achieve Community is currently courting give them the flick.

Refunds aren’t possible because, well remember those people boasting about making thousands? They’ve got your money.

Dollar for dollar, refunds on positions held with Achieve Community are mathematically impossible. And this is the reality behind cycler Ponzi schemes that the admins and those who have made money (and are counting on naive new suckers to fund future withdrawals) refuse to address.

Or as Kristi Johnson explains, “I am not looking at those comments any longer because” she can’t adequately explain how this isn’t just another cycler Ponzi scam, anymore than she can to a legitimate payment processor.

Stay tuned…


Update 26th November 2014 – Must have been one hell of a lot of spam posted in the last 24 hrs:

Hello Achieve Community!

You all did it! We have our processor! We will be starting up again!

And of course I have more information to share with you about this whole process.

The reason we aren’t telling you who our processor is, is this.

1. When you sign up with them from your Achieve back office you automatically sign up with your account attached to us so that we can pay you.

2. It takes time for you to get approved with a payment processor. They need to know you are who you say you are – it’s online processing, they can’t see you, they don’t get your signature, so they check your information.

3. If you go sign up with them on your own, you have to wait to be approved before you can attach your account to us in your back office and then you have to go through the process again to attach your account so we can pay you.

Here is the choice we have. And I would like you to comment on whatever platform you are reading this from – the blog or the Facebook page you found it on.

Since we won’t have the coding for the Payout Processor until the end of the week, our programmer won’t be able to attach it and test it until next week.

We could

1. Start up in a few days allowing new members to sign up and current members to repurchase and then everyone could sign up for the processor next week.


2. We could wait until everything is done and then start up.

Tell me Achieve Members, what would you like us to do?

Should be interesting to find out who’s taken on the risk.

And the crap about not having linked accounts? Yeah, they’re not publishing who the processor is before they’ve sent referral links to their affiliate-base.

Gotta collect a slice of those transfer fees!