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Vertical Legacy Review: WMI launch blog network?

Vertical Legacy operate in the blog network MLM niche and for all intents and purposes, appear to be an offshoot of Wealth Masters International. Vertical Legacy is a natural extension of the vision that first began, when in 2005 Kip (Herriage) and partner Karl Bessey founded industry leader Wealth Masters International. Taken from the Vertical [Continue reading…]

WMI files lawsuit over “gutting” of business

Following the failure of plans to take WMI public in late 2011, possibly halted following the revelation of an SEC investigation into the company, it’s no secret that Wealth Masters International has all but descended into the annals of MLM obscurity. Launched amidst a boom of personal development MLM opportunities, each offering its personal brand [Continue reading…]

Wealth Masters lose appeal, still banned in Norway

Back in March of 2011, the Norwegian Gaming Board upheld its original declaration that, after investigating the business model and products of Wealth Masters International, the company was nothing more than a pyramid scheme. In response to the Gaming Boards decision, Wealth Masters launched an appeal accusing the Gaming Board of ‘colluding with a Norwegian [Continue reading…]

WMI sues former corporate staff. Ariix to blame?

In late 2010 Wealth Masters introduced a marketing system for its members called ‘WMI Marketing’. WMI Marketing’s implementation was largely credited to then Vice President of Marketing at Wealth Masters, Michael Hamburger. Hamburger left Wealth Masters for Avant in late October/early November 2011 and roughly a week later WMI went on the offensive sending out [Continue reading…]

New Zealand Commerce Commission investigating WMI

To say the last few months have incredibly turbulent for Wealth Masters International would be somewhat of an understatement. As the company barrels towards its upcoming Muai m2 conference in early December, wave after wave of troubles have crashed and broken on the WMI’s door step. Back in July, Deanna Latson quit WMI throwing the [Continue reading…]

SEC probe WMI for possible securities violations

Back in August of this year, Wealth Masters International announced their future plans to initiate ‘some major corporate initiatives’. These initiatives would culminate in the eventual public floating of the company via an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Whilst Wealth Masters didn’t give a set timeline or specify exactly what ‘corporate initiatives’ they would be implementing [Continue reading…]

Michael Hamburger joins 1.5 yo Avant as cofounder?

Avant first announced its prelaunch back in May last year, roughly 18 months ago. I’m unsure of when the company officially launched but it was sometime in the second half of 2010 under the leadership of Brent Payne, founder and CEO of the company. Since then nothing much seems to have happened over at the [Continue reading…]

Explosive email exchange reveals WMI management rift

Following the collapse of WMI in Norway earlier this year, the sudden and unexplained departure of WMI Pure CEO Deanna Latson in late July, Wealth Masters appeared to dip into a well-observed lull. One month later in August, WMI founders Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey announced that they were going to issue Wealth Masters shares via an [Continue reading…]

After a year of delays, WMI’s PURE to launch 2012

Way back in November 2010, Wealth Masters International announced that they were going to launch two separate nutrition and finance subsidies. Named Opes Partners (finance) and PURE (nutrition), both were set to launch in 2011 in January and ‘the first quarter‘ respectively. Whilst Opes Partners launched (only to disappear into complete obscurity for much of [Continue reading…]

Credible? Kip Herriage’s 2008 predictions analysed

Wealth Masters International, who credit themselves as being ‘the world’s premiere wealth creation community’, take pride in helping ‘others create maximum wealth, health and wisdom, as well as experience success as they choose to define it‘. To do this, the company hedge their wealth education primarily on the predictions of ‘the Nostradamus of investing‘, Kip [Continue reading…]