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WMI files lawsuit over “gutting” of business

Following the failure of plans to take WMI public in late 2011, possibly halted following the revelation of an SEC investigation into the company, it’s no secret that Wealth Masters International has all but descended into the annals of MLM obscurity. Launched amidst a boom of personal development MLM opportunities, each offering its personal brand [Continue reading…]

Pro U & Automatic Millionaire: The $39980 opportunity

Affiliate marketing has been around for almost as long as internet marketing itself and revolves around the basic principle of one person selling another person’s products. When a sale is made, the product owner then awards a commission to the affiliate who sold the product. This typically ranges in the vicinity of 5-50% of the [Continue reading…]

WMI drops Carbon Copy Pro for inhouse marketing system

For as long as I can remember now the name Carbon Copy Pro has been synonymous with Wealth Masters International. Wealth Masters International being business and Carbon Copy Pro a marketing platform to promote it with. Despite being two separate entities, the two companies have shared a long and presumably prosperous relationship. This week however [Continue reading…]