An investigation into Unaico executives in Pakistan has progressed to the arrest phase.

The National Accountability Bureau is investigating Unaico CEO Dan Andersson and Atif Kamran.

The investigation examined the allegation that Anderson and Kamran, through Unaico, caused Rs. 190 million ($1.1 million USD) in losses.

The NAB’s investigation was announced mid last year. References were filed against Andersson and Kamran last December.

One thing to note is Pakistani media citing “Dean Ganarbajarnay Anderson” as CEO of Unaico.

I’ve not seen this name before and it doesn’t come up outside of coverage of the NAB investigation.

Dan Andersson’s full name is “Dan Gunnar Bjarne Andersson”. I believe “Dean Ganarbajarnay Anderson” is a translation mangle.

Unaico was a pyramid scheme dating back to the late 2000s. The original business model centered around SiteTalk, an in-house social media network.

By 2013 Unaico had collapsed, prompting The Opportunity Network reboot.

Dan Andersson meanwhile spun off and launched LEO in 2012.

Initially LEO was a personal development themed pyramid scheme. In 2014 the company jumped on the crypto fraud bandwagon and launched LeoCoin.

Over the next few years Andersson illegally solicited investment into LeoCoin, which itself went ultimately nowhere.

One of LEO’s primary investment markets was Pakistan. Authorities finally took notice and moved to arrest Andersson in mid 2018.

Details since then have been sketchy. As of August 2019 we were able to confirm Andersson’s case is still playing out, however there have been no updates since then.

Atif Kamran (right) has been working with Andersson since the Unaico days.

Kamran followed Andersson from Unaico into LEO as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

By 2017 LEO was on the decline, prompting Kamran to bail. Later that same year he launched My Travel Biz, a travel-themed pyramid scheme.

According to Kamran’s Facebook profile he’s residing in London, UK. Dan Adersson’s currents status is unclear.