New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority has issued a scam warning against Skyway Capital and New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).

The FMA first warned the public about Skyway Capital in July 2018.

Their second May 26th warning follows promotion of NEEW across New Zealand.

The FMA reiterates that Skyway Capital, NEEW, RSW Investment Group, NEEW-TNG, Skyway Investment Group, Skyway Group TNG and RTN Limited are ‘not permitted to provide financial services to New Zealand residents.’

Failing to register with the FMA is the equivalent of securities fraud in the US.

The FMA recommends exercising caution before dealing with the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW) (formerly Skyway Investment Group, Skyway Capital, Skyway Group).

We believe NEEW has the hallmarks of a scam.

The FMA observed New Zealand residents were being directed to invest funds into a Russian bank account.

NEEW was created by Skyway Capital after two failed attempts to transition into cryptocurrency fraud.

As is par for the course, NEEW was presented as a company partnered with Skyway Capital. In reality they are both run by the same group of Russian scammers lead by Anatoly Yunitskiy.

After NEEW flopped Skyway Capital exit-scammed by disengaging with itself.

Former Skyway Capital promoter Andrey Khovorat was allowed to continue running NEEW as a separate Ponzi scheme.

Skyway Capital has moved onto a magic space train marketing narrative they’re calling SpaceWay.