After Skyway Capital’s initial Ponzi scheme failed, the company jumped on the MLM crypto bandwagon.

When Skyway Capital’s initial token scheme failed, the company launched CryptoUnits.

When CryptoUnits failed Skyway Capital attempted to relaunch itself as New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).

Things appeared to be on the rocks last November, following Skyway Capital banning promotional material that mentioned itself or NEEW.

Now NEEW appears to have completely collapsed, prompting Skyway Capital to announce it’s terminating operations with itself.

Skyway Capital began years ago as a Russian Ponzi scheme. The company is headed up by Anatoly Yunitsky, with the assistance of a revolving door network of shell company frontmen.

On February 25th, Skyway CAPital announced it was terminating

its cooperation with NEEW Consumer Community (formerly RSW Investment Group Ltd. under the brand name Sky Way Invest Group – SWIG), as well as with all legal entities associated with this company.

All of those companies are of course one and the same, used to promote Skyway Capital’s latest Ponzi incarnation.

In order to make the exit-scam believable though, Skyway Capital wrote an internal friction soap opera.

This decision by SkyWay Group of Companies is caused by the condition put forward by the management of NEEW (SWIG) for changing further cooperation and previously concluded agreement.

The proposed change is that SWIG Investment Group will no longer convert SWIG’s liabilities into shares of Euroasian Rail SkyWay Systems Holding (ERSSH).

The conversion procedure implies that each client and partner of SWIG group who received shares of ERSSH in any way was entered into the register of ERSSH shareholders.

Accordingly, by refusing to convert, SWIG clients will not be included into the register of ERSSH shareholders and will have liabilities of a company that is not related to SkyWay Group of Companies, whereas SkyWay Group of Companies, in its turn, will not have information about individuals who have contributed to the development of the technology.

It seems pretending affiliate investors are getting a slice of the ERSSH shell company has run its course.

Anyone who was stupid to invest in Skyway Capital through SWIG is of course sorry for your loss’d.

In order to achieve this, as above, Skyway Capital is palming off investor losses onto SWIG, which of course will now disappear now that Skyway Capital isn’t using it to solicit investment.

Whether Skyway Capital continues the Ponzi ruse with ERSSH shares or decides to come up with some new story remains to be seen.

Maybe they’ll try to incorporate ERSSH into their failed Dubai narrative. Or now that India has well and truly flopped, pick somewhere new to scam.

Stay tuned potato farmers!