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Ryan Evans settles Saivian Ponzi fraud for $338,743

Ryan Morgan Evans has settled the SEC’s Saivian fraud case against him. As per a stipulated judgment filed on July 14th, Evans will pay $175,000 in disgorgement, $52,129 in prejudgment interest and a $111,614 civil penalty.

Ryan Evans settles Saivian fraud with SEC

On May 30th BehindMLM reported Ryan Morgan Evans, a California resident, was gearing up to face off against the SEC in court. Less than 24 hours later, Evans reached a settlement with the SEC.

Ryan Evans deletes Elamant evidence on eve of SEC trial

Ryan Evans is deleting evidence of his Elamant fraud. In the past week both Elamant’s website and YouTube channel have been deleted. Evan’s deletion of incriminating evidence falls on the eve of his showdown with the SEC in court.

Ryan Evans heads towards Saivian fraud trial

As per a Status Report filed by the SEC on May 4th, Ryan Evans has refused to settle his Saivian fraud case. The parties have met and conferred several times regarding the potential to resolve this matter, including after the resolution of the matter as to the other defendants. Unfortunately, the parties have so far [Continue reading…]

Eric Dalius’s Saivian fraud settlement recovers $24 million

Eric J. Dalius’ Saivian settlement has cost him $24 million USD. On February 3rd the SEC filed a stipulation requesting judgment against Dalius and Savian LLC.

Eric Dalius settles Saivian Ponzi securities fraud with SEC

Eric J. Dalius has reached a settlement with the SEC over Saivian securities fraud. The news follows the Saivian defendants reentering negotiations with the SEC back in June.

Eric J. Dalius & SEC re-enter Saivian settlement negotiations

As per a Joint Notice filed on June 2nd, the SEC and defendant Eric J. Dalius will return to mediation. With the Saivian fraud trial scheduled for September 2022, this would appear to be the last change for Dalius to settle and avoid potentially harsher penalties in court.

Eric J. Dalius’ Saivian fraud case fails mediation, heads to trial

Defendants Eric J. Dalius and Ryan Evans have failed to reach a settlement with the SEC. As a result, the Saivian Ponzi scheme fraud case will now head to trial.

Elamant Ponzi scheme rebooting as education platform

Elamant has been rebooted as an eDuCaTiOn PlAtFoRm. Underneath the marketing pitch is the same Ponzi scheme people have been losing money to since 2018.

Saivian SEC fraud case sent to mediation

It’s been seven months since our last Saivian update. The case has been progressing but up until now there hasn’t been any significant events. On May 3rd a joint motion was filed requesting a stay on the SEC’s Savian fraud case. The stated reason for the requested stay was mediation.