Ryan Evans is deleting evidence of his Elamant fraud. In the past week both Elamant’s website and YouTube channel have been deleted.

Evan’s deletion of incriminating evidence falls on the eve of his showdown with the SEC in court.

Ryan Evans (right) was an executive of the Saivian Ponzi scheme.

In 2018 the SEC sued Saivian, alleging owner Eric J. Dalius was ran a $165 million+ Ponzi scheme.

In his capacity as a Saivian executive, the SEC added Evans as a defendant in late 2019.

Following lengthy delays, Dalius eventually settled with the SEC in August 2022. Evans still thinks he has a shot in court, with his trial scheduled to kick off on June 7th.

After Saivian collapsed, Evans launched Elamant in 2018.

Elamant was essentially a clone of Saivian, except instead of primarily targeting Asia Evans went after Africa.

By May 2021 Elamant had collapsed, prompting Evans to reboot it as an education platform. Elamant’s reboot has also long-since collapsed.

While Elamant’s website was still accessible up until a week ago, it is now no longer available. Evans has also deleted Elamant’s official YouTube channel.

Given the SEC is already likely to have collected all the evidence it needs from Elamant’s website, I’m not sure what Evans’ gameplan is here.

The damage has already been done. Now it’s time to get steamrolled in court.

Pending any further updates before Evans’ trial, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 2nd June 2023 – Evans June trial has been vacated, following a settlement reached with the SEC on May 31st.