Since I started blogging about Polaris Media Group, one of the more unbelievable claims I’ve heard has been that Polaris is simply a front for Scientology.

Some of my readers have claimed the allegations have been flatly denied by Polaris executives and others claim that Krider and co. don’t attempt to hide their Scientology links when asked.

A thread over at is a further example of some of the claims that have been made:

The Liberty League “Inner Circle” (most EMC members) and the new owner Shane Krider are Scientologists seeking to climb “thetan” OT levels and obtain OT VIII: Truth Revealed.

Brent Payne and wife (Julia Payne) sold their share to Shane Krider for various reasons, but one main speculation is due to the fact that Shane Krider is only allowing the top trainers of Liberty League International to be trainers if they are trained, pay money, & practice Scientology communication teachings at the L Ron Hubbard Institute.

Personally I’ve refrained from writing about any possible Scientology links as, despite my criticisms of the Polaris business model, the link just seemed too far fetched.

I mean seriously, it’s Scientology we’re talking about here. Sure half the population might not know the ins and outs of the religion, but thanks to several high profile members and a continuous stream of bizarre news stories, most people know to turn around and run screaming when they see anything associated with them.

If you fall in the other half of the population you might want to read this indepth analysis of Scientology that made Time Magazine’s 1991 May front cover.

Although hugely skeptical, I never ruled out the Scientology link to Polaris but instead waited until I came across something concrete.

Today, that something came along.

Tipped off by reader iwonder it wasn’t long before I had the following screenshot in my hands. What you are seeing here is Polaris Media Group EMC member Shannon Lavenia actively promoting a ‘Productivity Workshop’ at the Hubbard College of Administration.

The Hubbard College of Administration is an unaccredited ‘education’ institute that “teaches administration using methods developed by Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.” It is run by the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) who’s affiliates have been “urged to recruit for Scientology in exchange for money”.

Not being accredited also means that an external independent regulatory body has ever certified the Hubbard College of Administration’s courses or degrees. In essence a degree from them holds about the same worth as a degree from the OzSoapbox School of Magnificence.

This I believe is possibly just the tip of the iceberg. Best case scenario and Shannon is simply attending the workshop for the information being taught still leaves the thought that one of the inner circle members of Polaris is actively utilising Scientology teachings in her business.

What’s more she’s recruiting others to join her.

Shannon’s husband John Lavenia has also allegedly been promoting Scientology too. Reader Shawn has previously pointed out:

Perhaps the loyalist an doubters that own Lavenia’s book integrity is everything should check the additional recommended readings.

On page 193 where he recommends Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘The Problem of Work’ or where he quotes Hubbard on page 158 or visit for more recommended readings where he will sell you and any other sucker a copy of teh (sic) Scientology books he recommends.

This presumably is in Lavenia’s book ‘Integrity is Everything’. While I haven’t confirmed the information myself it does seem to be a tad specific and easily refuted if not true.

Back in August I wrote about the departure from Liberty League of Michael Hamburger and Rhonda Swan. Despite being high up in the Liberty League chain it appeared the two had jumped ship for Lifepath Unlimited (a similar company to Polaris).

Whilst the exact reasons Hamburger and Swan left (I assumed it was to do with earnings and the pending changeover to Polaris) were never made public, the thread I linked to at the beginning of this post states:

Brent Payne’s sister Leslie (Michael Hamburger’s wife) decided to join Life Path Inc. another personal development Home Business due to the fact that she herself (an EMC member) did not want to become a Scientologist and lead an organization of people down the road of Scientology.

Now on it’s own it sounds far fetched but coupled with Shannon’s workshop and her husbands promotion of Scientology books, I’m not so sure.

Recently prominent EMC member Wendy Stevens also quit Polaris Media. I have read rumours she too has gone over to Lifepath (Update 23/10/2009: this has now been confirmed) and thus far the only publicly available information I’ve been able to find is this press release:

Wendy Stevens, who knows what it’s like to walk on and win, after nearly two years of preparation, is launching her new book, Walk On, and retiring from her full-time network marketing career.

Stevens has signed a book deal with the Resolute Creative agency to launch her next title Walk On, and to pursue her passion to teach, train, coach and mentor individuals to live their best life.

It appears Stevens has abandoned her Polaris business to pursue a solo career in the personal development industry promoting her own material.

Her departure comes just two months after claiming that Polaris was a business she could “really believe in” and “really be passionate about”.

The reason she left?

Well your guess is as good as mine however I do think it’s one of the following two reasons, perhaps even both.

a. The money just wasn’t there for her in Polaris’ new compensation plan. Let’s face it, you don’t just up and leave if you’re truly onto a good thing.

b. She came to the same conclusion Hamburger and Swan did and chose not to be involved in Scientology.

Either reason spells bad news for existing associates as they’re either working towards a path in Scientology or actively promoting a business that isn’t as lucrative or profitable as they might have thought.

The link between Scientology and Polaris Media Group is now concrete. How deep it goes is yet to be determined but the more I scratch around the less crazy the rumours seem to get.

I’m not saying everything written about Liberty League/Polaris and Scientology is factual but there certainly seems to be more weight to the claims then I originally thought.

Scientology teachings don’t exactly strike me as something you can do without any involvement in the religion.

If EMC members are promoting Scientology courses and literature then I can’t help but wonder just how far deep the connection goes within the Polaris organisation.