It seems in the midst of a global recession advertising has dropped to new lows in Australia. Along with stupid freaking ringtone ads, three hour long infomercials every night and phone sex ads that feel like they’re airing earlier and earlier every year Australians are now increasingly being exposed to home businesses selling Liberty League International.

With increased financial stress comes desperation and rather then business success, this desperation is what I believe is fuelling the increase in opportunists out to exploit the stupid vulnerable.

So just how bad is it in Australia and how are they all connected?


Foreword: I refuse to link to several marketing websites featured in this article. I’ll provide text of the urls of the websites but if you want to visit them you’ll have to copy and paste the addresses into your browser. I apologise for this as I know it’s hugely annoying but as I said, I refuse to directly link to their dodgy marketing sites. /end foreword


The most obvious and common link you’ll find between these programs are that they all are involved in promoting self motivation or self improvement products from Liberty League International although none will openly admit it in the sales pitch.

Don’t believe me?

I recently wrote about probably the most prominent advertisers in the Australian market currently, Sixfigurechicks and detailed what you can expect by signing up to them. A short time later reader Martin made the helpful comment;

heres two more adds on tv at the moment pushing the same company. uxl and nowucan2. Beware…be very aware!!

Using Martin’s comment on my original article as a springboard I’ve discovered that the more I probe at Liberty League International in Australia the more I don’t like what I’m seeing.

The same scammy looking type websites, sob stories and even faces keep popping up convincing me there’s some sort of alliance, partnership or business agreement going on between Australian based associates of Liberty League International.

We’ll start our journey off at Six Figure Chicks is the most prominent and widely advertised marketing website for recruiting people into the Liberty League International program. I’ve previously gone into detail about what they’re about so I won’t repeat myself here.

When you visit Six Figure Chicks, you’ll notice the long list of photos of her ‘six figure chicks’. When I first visited the page in doing research for my article I coudn’t help but have a glance at the photos to see if there were any hotties.

I’m not going to pretend it was something noble because it isn’t. I’m a guy and that’s what guys do.

I then went on to visit both the sites that Martin mentioned. Visiting these sites, both of which are advertising on foxtel and free to air tv I believe, I began to notice a pattern. The business models seemed incredibly similar to sixfigurechicks. Not just in that scammy marketing kind of way but strikingly near identical. doesn’t mention anything about motivational or self help courses, Liberty League International or exactly what you’ll be doing. UXL seems to heavily focus on what you won’t be doing by attempting to distance itself from the common negatives found in these types of schemes.

A UXL advertisement features a blonde woman who looks awfully familiar.

Go back and have a look at, fifth row from the bottom on the far right. There she is, her name is Rachel Oliver. She’s also listed on the testimonial page of UXL at complete with an audio sob story and glowing photos.

The publicly available registry details for are;

Domain Name
Last Modified 02-Jan-2009 02:43:27 UTC
Registrar ID Aust Domains
Registrar Name Aust Domains
Status ok
Registrant Rachel Oliver Enterprises Pty Ltd
Registrant ID ABN 28128761115
Eligibility Type Company
Registrant Contact ID C124461-AD
Registrant Contact Name Rachel Oliver
Registrant Contact Email
Tech Contact ID C124461-AD
Tech Contact Name Rachel Oliver
Tech Contact Email

Rachel Oliver Enterprises hmm? Here are some other websites Rachel Oliver has set up to draw people in: – look familiar? The web layout is practically the same as Note:  to turn off the annoying audio the button is on the right under the navigation menu. – this is in a blog style format, it links to a contact page where you plug in your details. Note it mentions a ‘group of everyday people’, this along with the mention of ‘contact us‘ and ‘we will telephone you’ on the sign up page strongly suggests this isn’t a one woman operation. – another marketing website created by Rachel urging you to sign up.

Rachel’s put quite  alot of work into promoting her business. So what is her business?

Surprise surprise.

Run by Jerry and Sue Smart, is a lot more amateurish but does mention the fact it’s tied into the ‘Personal Development Industry’. This is probably due to the fact that they seem to have developed the website themselves.

The publicly available registry details of confirm the owners:

Domain Name:
Last Modified: 10-Jun-2009 06:28:48 UTC
Registrar ID: Distribute.IT
Registrar Name: Distribute.IT
Status: ok

Registrant: Smarties Investments Pty Ltd
Registrant ID: ABN 94465504434
Eligibility Type: Company
Eligibility Name: Smarties Investments Pty Ltd
Eligibility ID: ABN 94465504434

Registrant Contact ID: DIT-954135
Registrant Contact Name: Sue Smart
Registrant Contact Email:

Tech Contact ID: DIT-954136
Tech Contact Name: Sue Smart
Tech Contact Email:

The Smarts have been just as busy as Rachel in promoting their business. – this is another site run by Sue and Jerry smart. This seems to be their international marketing page as opposed to which targets Australia. – here’s a ton of advertisements on New Zealand job website ‘My Job Space’. They all link back to – Sue Smart even has a wordpress blog setup rubbishing competitor (in the home business market) Amway’s Network 21 system. Having said that I have no idea what Amway’s Network 21 system is and I’m certainly not suggesting what she’s written isn’t true but it’s clear she’s just made the page to rubbish a competitor. – The Smarts have an entry on the Australian version of My Job Space but curiously no advertisements are listed. Maybe the NZ version is cheaper to list ads?

So once again I ask the question, what are they selling?

I’ll point you in the direction of, scroll down and have a look at the third last testimonial. Look familiar?

Thank you Liberty League! After the experience of four other businesses we love the simplicity of this business.

The fact that we can put people on the calls day and night and have great leaders within Liberty League explain the fundamentals on our behalf is simply outstanding.

This gives us time leverage of which we now spend with our four children. We take full advantage of the calls and they bring great success 11 Beyond Freedoms, 2 Liberty Tickets and 4 Summit Tickets last month!

This truly is Lifestyle. We enjoy being on the calls every night and giving our testimony which fires up our passion for the business even more and makes us forever grateful that we came across this amazing business!

Sue and Jerry Smart
Smarties Investments Pty Ltd

You can also see a listing under honors for ‘Liberty League Rising Star’ (some achievement award Liberty League hand out) on Sue’s Linkedin listing.

I’m not entirely sure what ‘put people on the calls day and night’ means but it sounds sort of call centre’ish. Perhaps they work as a team with others (I told you there was some sort of business deal going on with all these guys) and split the profits from Liberty League’s products?

So that’s two major associates exposed, are your alarm bells going off yet?

dave-heggieAt this point in the post I’d like to point out that a hell of a lot of these sites are designed by Dave Heggie’s company DaVE ( You can see his logo on the bottom of most of the associate marketing sites I’ve linked. You’ll not that not one of them is listed in his portfolio though.

I wonder why.

I have no idea if there’s some business deal going on with Liberty League International or the Australian associates of the company have just spread the word amongst themselves but it’s massively suspicious that alot of these sites have been designed by Heggie. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Doing a google backlink trace back to I was able to find one more website which I’ll end on, This site is run by Yonika and Paul Mantel.

They describe their business as a “North American based Company with a proven 8 year track record and we have now launched in Australia and NZ”. Sound familiar? It should.

What’s important about this website is that it offers a third tie in linking sixfigurechicks, Rachel Oliver and the Mantel’s as some sort of Liberty League International Brisbane based associate group.

Rachel Oliver is listed on the testimonial page of ( as well as Yonika and Paul Mantel’s other site, (scroll down about a third of the way down. Note annoying music will play when you open the second site and can be turned off by stopping the video at the top.

If you have a look at you can see Yonika and Paul’s photo. Now go have a look at and have a look at who’s face is to the left of Rachel Oliver’s (fifth from the bottom, second from the right).

Finally go have a look at Rachel Oliver’s website testimonials and see who’s listed as the second testimonial (

These guys are clearly all working together to play the Australian public and I don’t know what else needs to be said other then enter into business with these people at your own risk.

I’m not disputing their making money but these are the people at the top of the Australian pyramid. They got in first so they’ll enjoy the cream of the profit while you’ll come in at the ground level. That’s how it works and that’s how they make the money.

I’ve given you all the information you need to know, what they sell, how they’re working together and the lengths they’ve gone to to spread Liberty League International.

The rest is up to you Australia.