KRC is an acronym used in Scientology that stands for Knowledge, Responsibility and Control.

To the degree that a person has all three of these things present with regard to a given area, endeavor, situation or subject, that person will have an increased ability to remain at cause over the situation

When one or more of these elements is missing or deficient, a person will have a decreased ability to remain at cause and will tend instead to find him or herself in the position of being the adverse effect of the situation.

This concept of being ‘at cause’ vs being ‘at effect’ is a core principle within Scientology.

-Scientology Wiki

At its most basic, to be ‘at cause or effect’ in life is not a new idea. In essence, we’re all either in control (the cause of), or a result of (effect) of our environment, economic, social and all the other components that make up our lives.

The terminology ‘at cause or effect’ and rather the heightened importance of the concept however, originated in Scientology. Make no mistake, when someone talks about being at cause or effect, they are referencing one of the ‘core principles‘ of Scientology.

Nowhere else but in Scientology doctrine does the terminology to be ‘at cause’ or ‘at effect’ present itself.

Considering the lengths then that Polaris Global’s members and the company itself has gone through to distance itself from Scientology, despite Polaris Global CEO Shane Krider being a self-admitted Scientologist himself, is it any wonder then that this terminology pops up frequently in relation to Polaris Global?

‘Polaris Global Due Diligence’ is a blog run by Polaris Global itself designed to safepoint Polaris prospects and act as a counter balance to any third party criticism of the company online. It runs in much the same manner as pro-Scientology sites set up to establish the credibility of Scientology without explicitly stating so.

The credibility of Polaris Global Due Diligence is dubious enough in itself (due diligence is not being spoon fed information from the company you’re supposed to be conducting due diligence on), but for this article, what’s really interesting is the copy.

About a third of the way down under the heading ‘Polaris’s (sic) stand for Home Based Business Owners’, Polaris state;

Polaris has a goal to be at positive cause to expand the network marketing industry as a whole.

At positive cause‘? That’s a strange way to put it… well, perhaps not if you’re a Scientologist.

Then there’s the ‘unofficial’ Polaris Global Community Blog. Their description of themselves?

Our goal is to assist as many people as possible to achieve their goals and grow as individuals who are reaching towards living to their fullest potential. We are all entrepreneurs with a purpose; we are self – determined and at cause in our own lives.

We are all entrepreneurs with a purpose; we are self – determined and at cause in our own lives. We are not at the effect of the economy, the weather, the negative news in the media, the government or any circumstance in our lives.

There’s that at cause Scientology terminology again… Oh and Polaris member Sheridan Latter also decided to go ahead and write an entire blog post on ‘being at cause’ too;

Although you are both “cause” and “effect”, you only experience yourself as being one or the other. You either experience yourself as being “the cause” of your life or you experience yourself as being “at the effect.”

L. Ron Hubbard couldn’t have put it better himself.

But what about Polaris’ products, Beyond Freedom and the various conferences they offer themselves?

As far as Beyond Freedom goes, I’m not sure if the term ‘at cause’ appears within the course itself, but it certainly seems to have mysteriously infiltrated the vernacular of Polaris Global members.

Suzi Morris from Perth describes Beyond Freedom Evolution as having provided

a foundation based on me accepting that I am “at cause” in my life, and responsible for my results.

For some reason ‘at cause’ has been encapsulated with quotation marks. Is Suzi referencing Beyond Freedom Evolution itself?

So much so after completing Polaris’ Beyond Freedom course has Suzi embraced the Scientology principle of being ‘at cause’ she even went on to write an entire seperate blog post dedicated to the idea.

I wonder where she got the idea to use the exact Scientology terminology from?

Meanwhile longtime Polaris member Bob Molina has this to say about Beyond Freedom Evolution;

I got plugged into the Polaris Community and the “Beyond Freedom Evolution.” I haven’t looked back. Now, I am in control. I am at cause.

Judith Symonds kicks it up a notch on the Polaris Global Corporate Blog by also including the Scientology coined term ‘know for yourself’.

What is coming up for me is that it is important to know who I am and this is very important to me personally because I have been denying who I really am for too long now.

Confidence comes from knowing who I am and that I am Powerful when I am at cause (which means being who I am meant to be).

Sounds like Symonds has been denying that she’s a Scientologist for a long time coming…

And finally here’s a Polaris member testimonial from ‘Lauren’ published on the Polaris Global official website itself;

The Beyond Freedom programs along with the conferences have changed my life. They have led me to be at cause with my life.

As for Polaris’ conferences? Well, how about we take a description of the ‘Influence Live’ Polaris Global conference straight from the horses mouth;

Influence Live is an annual five-day event at world-class locations for two adults.

The event focuses on leadership development and application of proven entrepreneurial skills.

– Exponentially increase your value

– Increase your personal power

– Understand your value to the community

– Stop giving away your power

-How to be at cause for the greater good

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that any of these are a bad thing, but the use of ‘at cause’ is unmistakably deliberate and strangely enough doesn’t appear anywhere outside of Scientology terminology.

Despite all the examples provided above linking Scientology to Polaris Global however, Polaris Global co-founder Gregory Strom once stated

Polaris video and written course products have consistently avoided any particular political or religious belief system as a matter of company policy, and will continue to do so in the future.

This quote was originally published on the Polaris Global Due Diligence site linked to earlier, but was later removed by the company.

No doubt the quote was removed due to the overwhelming abundance of Scientology inspired terminology plastered all over the internet by Polaris’ members in relation to Polaris Global and its products.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a blog post from the Scientology owned ‘Hubbard College 0f Administration’ back in 2009 by then Managing Director of Polaris Media Group (now Polaris Global), Cathy Flanagan.

Not an advertisement for Polaris Global or Scientology itself, but rather an indication that at some point Krider has had no qualms about creating a promotional relationship between the two entities.

Critics of the association between Scientology and Polaris Global would have you believe that the principle behind being either ‘at cause’ or ‘at effect’ is universal and not limited to the teachings of Scientology. That in itself is true but the specific terminology (which keeps popping up again and again verbatim as it appears in Scientology doctrine) is being prompted by something.

With many people claiming they had no affiliation with Scientology prior to joining Polaris Global and then mysteriously acquiring a detailed understanding of one of the ‘core principles‘ of Scientology, where else are we supposed to look other than what Polaris Global itself is teaching its members.

I mean really, can you get any clearer than the company itself describing its events with directly referenced Scientology terminology?

Putting yourself through Scientology school costs a lot of money and what better way to fund that by starting your own personal development MLM.

What with the abundance of people seemingly ready to believe that there is no link between Polaris Global and Scientology, despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise, I’m surprised more Scientology members haven’t started MLM personal development companies to fund their Scientology course fees.

Believe what you want, the facts stand for themselves. Personally, between the public invitations to Polaris members to attend Scientology funded courses, EMC member Elena Fraga quitting and then citing Non Disclosure Agreements hinting at a bigger picture as to the mass exodus of management in 2009, the amount of Polaris members sprouting Scientology ideas and beliefs after completing Beyond Freedom and the CEO of Polaris being a Scientologist, quite frankly there’s way too much co-incidence there for me to believe there’s no link.

The simplest explanation is staring critics and Polaris members right in the face. Sadly it seems short of Krider declaring he’s the re-incarnation of Xenu himself, nothing will convince them otherwise.