With the Polaris Media Group launch just around the corner on the 9th of September, it seems some advisors have had enough of being called out on their scam.

Understandably tension appears to be high as all sorts of wild accusations and claims fly in the days before the company’s launch.

This evening the following email threat was received by OzSoapbox and appears to be from a genuine source.



My name is David Gemmill of Polaris media group.

I have reported you to Polaris media group and the AUTHORITIES, for writing absolute rubbish on the internet about Liberty League and Polaris media group.

The company knows who you are, so by all means keep this slander and untruths on the internet, because you will be traced, and found out. Liberty League has many companies in the law courts at the moment.

The truth is the company has not been deemed a Pyramid, it has gone to Polaris media group to enhance and improve the company profile and opportunity to it’s loyal followers.

If you would like to speak to me then contact me on (mobile phone number removed), but I’m sure I won’t hear from you, but you will be hearing from us.


David Gemmill

Liberty League/Polaris media group.
Summit advisor

David Gemmill appears to run 2hourhomebusiness and amazingly despite being based in Australia, David appears to be completely unaware of the recent NSW Office of Fair Trading press release classifying Liberty League International as a pyramid scheme.

Presumably Polaris Media Group are also going to sue the Australian government “for writing absolute rubbish on the internet” too. Perhaps they are one of the companies already in court as David mentions.

One can’t help but wonder why a legitimate company feels the need to take so many companies to court and what’s more boast about it when threatening others with legal action.

It is worth noting that David also appears to be no stranger to pyramid schemes. Only recently he signed himself up to a pyramid scheme that boosts your Twitter follower numbers artificially.

Only it seems he didn’t quite understand how it works and instead of entering his Twitter account name, punched in his email address. Currently he is listed as level 5 on Viralfollower’s publicly listed recruitment pyramid.

Legal action against OzSoapbox isn’t the only legal battle Polaris Media group are reported to be involved in. ‘Consumer Warning’ have recently published information claiming that legal action has already been launched against Queensland based Liberty League co-op Six Figure Chicks;

Many law suits and class actions apparently are being considered by victims and legal action has already commenced against an outfit call Six Figure Chicks, who the large majority of complaints have been received from for their aggressive high pressure sales tactics.

Additionally reader Jz recently claimed that Polaris Media Group successfully sued Google for slander.

You should also know, there is a full time staff of lawyers who are doing nothing else but going after slanderous felons (like you) and prosecuting them. They just won a huge settlement with Google for this…and there are more.

I am quite sure that Google are unaware of this settlement or any legal action against them from Polaris Media Group.

To date this is the second legal threat OzSoapbox has received over publishing information on Polaris Media Group and if Gemmill’s claims hold any weight, appears it won’t be the last.