Since writing about the public connection between Scientology and Polaris Media Group a lot of accusations and claims have been thrown around as the discussion ran hot.

There’s been a lot of claims made and from what I gather the revelation of the link, which up until only recently hasn’t been publicised with any concrete proof, has made a lot of people uncomfortable.

Up until now I’ve been written off by Polaris EMC as spreading rumours, despite the fact that I didn’t tell the Lavenia’s to promote Scientology or doctor the Facebook image in which they do so.

Well it seems at least one ex-EMC member has decided to speak out.

Confidentiality agreements, plummeting incomes, mass resignations, deception and the definite link between Scientology and Polaris Media Group have been recently brought to light.

Elena Fraga joined Polaris Media Group (formerly Liberty League International) back in 2007. In March 2009 she was awarded Liberty League’s ‘Associate of the month’ award and was promoted to Polaris EMC in May of this year.

After news of Polaris Media Group distributors promoting Scientology courses broke, it wasn’t long before Elena resigned.

As You well know, My vision is to educate, train and assist people from all over the world to improve their lives, personally and financially, regardless of background, religion, ethnic origin or language.

That’s my passion and will always be.

I have nothing against Scientology, although I know that it is considered a controversial cult in some countries and a religion in others. I know that there is a lot of controversy, a lot, and I don’t want to be a part of or associated with. Period. I don’t even like to talk about the subject.

It’s interesting that for someone with seemingly a strong religious tolerance, Scientology is where Fraga draws the line.

More importantly how does one get into the upper echelons of a company without realising the connection with Scientology? Fraga continues;

One fact that I can share here is that I was asked by the leadership of Polaris to take courses at the Hubbard School of Administration. I was told that they would help me on my leadership role in the company.

I was told that I needed to improved my Communication Skills and I needed that course I paid it as requested but I did not go. I cancelled at the last minute.

I did not know, at that time, that the Hubbard School of Administration is actually part of the Scientology Church.

What is clear here is that the direction Polaris leadership are taking is to get their EMC members along to Scientology courses, without any disclosure about the fact the course is run by Scientologists.

This mind you is at the executive level. One can only wonder how far the deception runs as it gets diluted right down to a new distributor within the company.

Fraga also mentions that “Many EMC members are converting to Scientology” strongly indicating that Scientology indoctrination might indeed be a prerequisite to rise to the upper ranks of Polaris. This has been hinted at before but I’ve never actually seen it claimed outright by anyone who was involved in the Polaris EMC.

So why hasn’t any of this come to light previously?

Claims about Scientology and Polaris stretch back well before Liberty League changed its name but it is only up until recently that there has been public discussion about it.

Well as Fraga explains, there’s one very good reason.

Are you asking me for my opinion about the change from Liberty League International to Polaris Media Group? Because You know that I can’t tell you my opinion (or my assessment, rather) without violating a confidentiality agreement that we had to sign

Ah confidentiality agreements within Polaris Media Group executive management. Well that certainly explains a lot now doesn’t it.

Repeatedly we’ve been told that Polaris Media Group has nothing to hide, yet it’s management are subject to confidentiality agreements? Forgive me if I make the assertion that something definitely does not add up here.

At this stage the public can only wonder what secrets are contained within these agreements. The very existence of them though goes some length to explain the reluctance of Polaris EMC members to publicly address specific concerns and issues directed at them.

Fraga also details gross discrepancies, manipulation and outright deception in the running of Polaris;

I can mention, though, that some things are just too obvious to the public. I don’t want to be the cause of financial casualties. Someone has to say something.

Almost All Top earners (except those working in the main offices) are Gone. I personally went from making a substantial income to close to zero income (well, $900 in 2 months working 80+ hours a week) helping everyone, without tools. I got into financial uncertainty, just as most of you guys there.

Opps did I say that?

Almost All the income testimonies we hear on the calls, if not all, are of incomes created under the old compensation plan, that is, the LLI comp plan, even though was “processed” after the change.

That’s also public knowledge. I can share that

-Product testimonies are given even though the real products are not out in the market yet.

If this is what Fraga is willing to disclose with confidentiality agreements in place, one can only wonder just how much more is being hidden from its own distrubutors and the general public.

Recently Polaris EMC held a ‘crisis meeting’ and EMC members from around the world were flown into the US for a meeting. What was discussed in this meeting is anyone’s guess but apparently there is a ‘big announcement’ to be made this Friday morning on the ‘Friday morning wakeup call’.

Sending out this quick message to let you know that we have a VERY EXCITING announcement to make on this weeks Friday morning wake up call!

This announcement will be exciting for your guests on the line & equally exciting for Polaris Distributors!

Lets pack out the call guys! Be the FIRST to hear the news!!

Whether the two are related or not is unclear but certainly it appears that the EMC are intent on presenting a ‘business as usual’ front for the public, despite what may or may not be going on behind the scenes.

Of course when confronted with the information presented here, Polaris leadership will just dismiss and write off the information here as rumour and speculation.

As always, make of that what you will.