Duped by an affiliate link I thought I might have stumbled across one of the changes or possible the ‘game changing’ announcement that was supposed to happen at yesterdays Supercharged Saturday.

Turns out the big announcement has nothing to do with the Liberty League site itself. Tipped off by a Whirlpool forum member phife, it seems the brand Liberty League international has been scrapped and now associates will peddle Polaris Media Group.

Apart from having a shiny new website (with even more promotional videos and game show thinking music) here are the main changes as Liberty League becomes Polaris Media Group.

1. Beyond Freedom Breakdown

It seems whoever designs this stuff has gone back to the drawing board and managed to pack a whole lot more fluff into Beyond Freedom. So much so that an additional six different parts have been added to the original Beyond Freedom.

They are Beyond Freedom Departure, Action, Decision, Foundation, Sovereignty and Influence.

Departure, Action and decision (note the subtle use of impact verbs) all retail separately as stand alone products. Alternatively all 3 are also listed in a bundle package the ‘Beyond Freedom Launch Package’.

Currently the site is listing everything for $29.95 (including the conferences). Hmm, $29.95 individually or all three for the same price? Is it possible to have a Freudian price slip?

Beyond Freedom is still available as a standalone and is currently listed at $29.95, down from $1495. That’s a 98% reduction in price to give you an idea of how much the product is really worth.

Information on Foundation, Sovereignty and Influence weren’t available at time of publishing.

2. Beyond Freedom Interactive

Beyond Freedom Interactive appears to be an additional way to squeeze money out of associates. Upon subscribing ($30 a month) associates are given access to teleconferences, webcasts and portals (portals to where?) from the top earners.

It seems if you want to be inspired and get help from leaders in Polaris that’s ok, they’re just going to charge you for it now.

3. ‘Know for yourself’ DVD

The product description for Know for yourself is kinda interesting:

The development of the personal computer and the explosive growth of the Internet is one of the most significant events in our history. However, living in “the information age” does not guarantee the information is true or unbiased. Learn how to Know For Yourself in this confidence building DVD.

I can only assume Polaris Media Group have teamed up with the Chinese (or Stephen Conroy) and by running this DVD Polaris will install a firewall that blocks internet access to anything negative or critical of the company.

Either that or there’s some powerful brainwashing software on there that renders you completely immune to anything that’s not positive information.

Know for yourself is also priced at $29.95.

4. Beyond Freedom Live Event

The Liberty and Summit conferences are still there, although there’s a new Beyond Freedom ‘Live Event’. Presumably this goes for a day or two and is cheaper then the other two conferences.

Amazingly the Polaris website is chockers with positive testimonials despite the Polaris blog having a counter indicating the business hasn’t even officially opened yet. Yeah that’s right ‘people all over the world’ have already achieved success with Polaris despite the fact it hasn’t even opened yet.

There’s still no official word as to why Liberty League has rebranded as Polaris Media Group but I think any idiot can put two and two together.

Still waiting on the compensation plan to leak but I assume it’s probably going to be more of the same, well except for the fact associates are now called ‘distributors’.

There also does (at least on the public side of things) appear to be more focus on the product side of things rather then selling the ‘business opportunity’ to people. I’ve in the past been heavily critical of this particular aspect of Liberty League as I cannot see how a company is sustainable by simply onselling a business opportunity over and over again.

Will a name change be enough to keep Liberty League alive? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure though, eight years ago it might have been easy enough to rebrand – but good luck distancing Polaris Media Group from the battered Liberty League brand in the current internet age.

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