News filtered down through the grapevine this week that Polaris Media Group CEO Shane Krider and Rachel Oliver, one of the few older EMC members left in the company, were now romantically involved.

Whilst this in itself isn’t such a big deal it did get me thinking and slightly curious as to what the rest of the original EMC were now up to.

Having not looked into the Polaris Media Group world for a while now, I decided to spend an evening researching what some of the old EMC members were up to.

Tony Rush

Tony Rush was arguably one of the most well known EMC members of Polaris Media Group. He was often cited as the ‘mouthpiece’ of the company and charged with policing the internet and countering any negative information published.

Late last year he quit Polaris Media Group with fellow EMC members Gene Braxton and Shannon and John Lavenia.

Shortly afterwards it was announced that the four of them were forming an MLM training company, Northstar Connect. I have no idea how successful or non successful this venture has been but it’s apparently not been successful enough to provide a full time income.

Recently Rush announced his involvement in the Numis Network. From the brief research I’ve conducted into this company, they are in the business of selling numismatic collectible coins.

The problem with mass marketing collectibles via MLM is that the more people that own something, the more it’s collectible value drops.

Then there’s the fact that people seem to be selling the same coins on eBay Numis are offering it’s distributors but for cheaper. This begs the question as to whether the Numis Network opportunity is about the coin products themselves, or simply about remarketing the business opportunity to new prospects.

Tony Rush is currently flogging the Numis Network business opportunity on his website, rather then the companies retail products themselves.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that.

As an interesting aside, in Rush’s marketing spiel for Numis he mentions that some of the people visiting his page might have

had the rug jerked out from underneat of you by a company whose owners might not have been as ethical as you’d hoped.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a not-so-subtle parting shot at Krider and Polaris Media Group.

John and Shannon Lavenia

The Lavenias seem to have gone a bit quiet following the launch of the Northstar Connect system.

John Lavenia last held a conference in Melbourne Australia in December. Tickets started off at $700 and something US, then dropped to $297 and then a week or so before the event dropped to $0.

That’s not a typo, the tickets were given away for nothing.

Following this event I don’t really know what the Lavenia’s have been up to. A software platform they seem pretty heavily involved in, Marketing Pro Plus, seems to have been launched, relaunched or updated recently.

The Lavenias have been pimping it out and seem to have made a new promotional video for it.

The Marketing Pro Plus website is ‘powered by Unified Wealth Solutions’ which I believe is owned by the Lavenias.

Marketing Pro Plus is also being advertised via Twitter by Tony Rush so I’m not sure if it’s got something to do with Northstar Connect or is just the Lavenia’s work.

Gene Braxton

Gene seems to be the only one out of the ex EMC members who has not left a trial of wanton destruction splattered all over the internet.

I’ll be completely honest and admit that I’ve got no idea what Braxton is up to these days. Unless a reader is able to shed some light on what Braxton has moved onto post Polaris Media Group, your guess is as good as mine.


2009 saw the peak and fall of Polaris Media Group and it wasn’t without it’s fair share of casualties.

Some of the people who profited off these casualties appear to be getting ready to do it all over again under a different banner.

Some seem to be diversifying their marketing portfolio trading on the names they’ve made for themselves over the last few years. Others still appear to have disappeared completely and gone underground.

During the height of discussion on Polaris Media Group on OzSoapbox we had a fair share of pro-Polaris commenters and those who were against it.

Of note were the number of pro-Polaris who were openly involved in the company as distributors. With reports of only 30 people rocking up to Polaris’ latest event, one can only wonder where all these people have gone.

What are they up to now and how have they moved on?

Now that the dust has somewhat settled I’d love to hear from some of the more staunch supporters of Polaris Media Group. Those that stood by the company until the bitter end.

What happened and where are you now?

This post isn’t about pointing fingers or naming and shaming or ‘I told you so!’ type replies. The top earners stories post-Polaris are relatively easy to piece together but there hasn’t really been a platform for all the smaller stories out there.

I’m aware this post might not work but I really would like to hear from people as they’ve moved on from Polaris.

Share your story, be heard.