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AloeVeritas selling expired product from Germany?

AloeVeritas appear to be selling expired Drink Gel product in the US, dating as far back as July 2017.

LEO a Ponzi scheme in Pakistan, SEC shuts down shell company

A few weeks back I came across news that the Pakistan SEC had shut down ‘at least nine companies dealing in cryptocurrencies and offering Ponzi/MLM, referral marketing, pyramid business/schemes‘. Although this was MLM related news, I didn’t recognize any of the company names and so left it at that. A reader has now informed me [Continue reading…]

Global Game Arena collapses, admins pull compliance exit-scam

The Global Game Arena Ponzi scheme has collapsed. Rather than admit they’ve run out of money though, GGA’s admins are blaming affiliate investors. As if blaming investors (most of whom are victims) wasn’t bad enough, GGA is hiding its collapse behind imaginary compliance.

GTI-Net Ponzi confirmed, reboots as Global Technology Innovation

GTI-Net lost its appeal against an investment fraud warning issued by Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). The company responded by “shutting down”, only to reboot itself with a new name and website.

Faith Sloan settles SEC’s $1.2 million TelexFree fraud case

With the clocking ticking down towards her TelexFree trial, now news that Faith Sloan has reached a settlement with the SEC.

OneCoin promoters arrested in Singapore, regulatory warning

Two OneCoin promoters have been arrested in Singapore, on the charges related to “pyramid selling”.

Dish granted $5.9 million judgment against TVizion & Pshehalouk

Back in February Dish Network filed for default judgment against defendants 247 SmartLife, TVizion and owner Ferras Jim Pshehalouk. On April 1st, final judgment in the amount of $5,959,000 was granted.

Three OneCoin affiliates in Finland facing criminal prosecution

Years of Ponzi scamming through OneCoin is catching up with scammers. Following news of €400,000 in tax fraud in Romania, now OneCoin affiliates are being arrested in Finland for the same crime.

RB Global Bank initiates RB Global Coin exit-scam

Amid ongoing RB Global Bank withdrawal delays, Laurie Suarez has revealed his RB Global Coin exit-scam strategy.

Devide Ponzi rages against Swedish media after investigation news

Rolling coverage of Devide by the Swedish publication Sydsvenskan has enraged the company, prompting a protest and complaint with the Press Ombudsman.