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Cloud Token drops investment terminology, pseudo-compliance ahoy

As the most prominent app wallet Ponzi scheme on the market, it’s only a matter of time before Cloud Token attracts regulatory attention. Evidently fully aware of this, Cloud Token has begun to embrace pseudo-compliance.

Abundance Network merchants pull plug, cite pyramid scheme concerns

Turns out communications service merchants don’t like their networks being used to promote pyramid schemes. Who didn’t see this coming?

New Premier Financial Alliance suit claims Asian immigrants targeted

A new class-action pyramid lawsuit was filed against Premier Financial Alliance earlier this year. In addition to covering that, today we’re also revisiting the original 2018 Premier Financial Alliance pyramid lawsuit.

USFIA Receiver recovers $186,628 from Maria Wei Wang Shu

The USFIA Receiver has sought approval of a settlement with Maria Wei Wang Shu. Shu was the recipient of a property purchased by a related USFIA entity.

Approval to sell Zeek Rewards net-winner judgments sought

Rather than waste time chasing down Zeek Rewards scammers to collect judgment, the Receiver has opted to sell net-winner judgments to a third-party.

OneCoin scammers hold event in Italy, authorities make arrests

OneCoin scammers in Italy held an event in Verona over the past few days. As those in attendance arrived at the airport to leave Italy after the event, authorities swooped in and made several arrests.

Plus Token Ponzi collapses, Chinese media report $2.9 billion in losses

Following complaints of withdrawal delays beginning June 27th, Chinese media are reporting the Plus Token Ponzi scheme has officially collapsed.

FX Trading Corp Ponzi collapses, blames exchanges

As per an announcement sent out to investors a few hours ago, the FX Trading Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Konstantin Ignatov denied release, will stay locked up till OneCoin trial

Despite a last-minute letter desperately attempting to diminish his role within OneCoin, Konstantin Ignatov has been denied pre-trial release.

Hearing transcript confirms OneCoin’s ties to European organized crime

Rumors of OneCoin’s ties to organized crime have persisted ever since authorities around the world began cracking down on the scheme. No alternative explanation has surfaced as to why to date Bulgarian authorities have failed to shut OneCoin down. Or how the company’s executives and top promoters were able to travel the world with impunity. [Continue reading…]