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Kristijan Krstic released, under house arrest till August 16th

Kristijan Krstic, head of a Ponzi empire that allegedly bilked consumers out of $70 million, has been released from custody. Pending a decision from the European Court of Human Rights, Krstic will remain under house arrest till August 16th.

DOJ going after Matt Goettsche’s BitClub Network millions

A Third Forfeiture Bill of Particulars has revealed millions of dollars in cash, crypto and assets the DOJ hopes to recover from Matt Goettsche.

Mining City BTCV returns paying single-digit cents

Mining City’s original shitcoin, Bitcoin Vault (BTCV), is currently sitting at around ~$17. Worse still, BCTV investors through Mining City are receiving cents a day.

HyperTech launches HyperMining Ponzi scheme

In what appears to be an effort to keep its HyperFund Ponzi afloat, HyperTech is now soliciting investment into mining contracts. HyperMining was revealed last month by HyperFund CEO Jayden Wei. Wei (right) is one of HyperTech owner Ryan Xu’s blockchain bros. Wei is purportedly based out of Australia but also travels to Dubai, the [Continue reading…]

Learn Build Lead pyramid scheme collapses, website gone

Learn Build Lead appears to have collapsed. At the time of publication the company’s website is not accessible.

TriumphFX run by Singaporean scammer Hermes Leong

Although it appears to be a Malaysian MLM company primarily being promoted to Malaysians, breadcrumbs suggest TriumphFX might be the work of Singaporean scammers.

HyperFund appoints Compliance Officer to bury securities fraud

A marketing video reveals the appointment of Helen Hope as HyperFund’s Compliance Officer. As opposed to registering HyperFund with the SEC and providing audited financial reports, Hope’s job is to bury evidence of securities fraud.

Frank Schneider’s appeal delays extradition to US

Frank Schneider’s extradition to the US is on hold, pending the outcome of an appeal. A decision on Schneider’s extradition was supposed to have been made on Wednesday July 21st.

JRJR33 and Youngevity settle Spice Jazz fraud lawsuit

A joint notice filed on July 20th reveals JRJR33 and Youngevity have reached a settlement. As per the joint notice;

GSPartners selling Movenpick XLT tokens through JJJ Holdings?

After Accor Group publicly stated GSPartners wasn’t authorized to use Movenpick in their branding, it seems GSPartners is pushing the deal through anyway. GSPartners has been dropped. Instead the deal is being pushed through JJJ Holdings, a shell company owned by Josip Heit.