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Silverstar Live & Mahmouds settle CFTC fraud for $75,000

Silver Star Live and owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud have agreed to settle Commodity Exchange Act violations.

Traffic Monsoon Supreme Court writ denied

Charles Scoville’s bid to legalize Ponzi schemes through the Supreme Court has come to an end.

doTerra drops $5 mill for access to cancer patients

A $5 million dollar donation will provide doTerra access to cancer patients at St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

Neora demands pyramid scheme legalization, sues FTC

An FTC investigation has revealed less than 1% of commissions paid out by Neora were tied to retail sales. Rather than admit the company operated as a pyramid scheme, Neora is suing the FTC.

FTC sues Neora (Nerium) for being a pyramid scheme

The FTC has filed a lawsuit against the MLM company Neora (formerly Nerium), and owner Jeff Olson. According to the FTC, Neora has operated as a pyramid scheme since inception as Nerium International in 2011.

Traffic Monsoon Receiver denied use of Canadian attorneys

Just shy of two weeks ago the Traffic Monsoon Receiver requested permission to engage Canadian attorneys. The attorneys are required to pursue judgement against Canadian Traffic Monsoon net-winners. On October 28th the Receiver’s motion was denied.

LuLaRoe to fire warehouse staff five days before Christmas

LuLaRoe has announced an early gift to its one hundred and sixty-seven Californian warehouse staff: They’re all going to be fired five days before Christmas.

Ronald Aai reveals Cloud Token “no withdrawals” exit-scam

Cloud Token is gearing up to pull a bait and switch on its investors. The “we use trading revenue to pay investors” facade is being replaced by a mandatory SIM card service – although official details have yet to be released. Instead we have Ronald Aai appearing in a private webinar with top Cloud Token [Continue reading…]

Cloud Token withdrawal delays (1 month+), leaders fighting

Uneasy alliances forged with the common goal of fleecing Cloud Token investors are coming to an end. Cloud Token withdrawals have been suspended for a month or more in some instances. Company support is MIA, reports of selective withdrawal payments are emerging and affiliates are getting restless. Cloud Token’s top “C4” recruiters are buckling under [Continue reading…]

WorldVentures RICO pyramid arbitration fails, case reopened

Our last update on Melody Yiru’s lawsuit against WorldVentures noted a September 2018 order compelling arbitration. In an October 11th order, Yiru and WorldVentures filed a joint-motion requesting the case be reopened. It appears after a year arbitration between the parties has failed.