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NRGY securities fraud continues with StarStake & MNTR

Alan Friedland’s NRGY Ponzi scheme has long since collapsed. It was the typical Ponzi pump and dump, never recovering from the initial withdrawal theft of funds by early investors. NRGY investors are now being funneled into StarStake, a failed NFT platform that recently launched a fraudulent investment scheme.

FES Monitor’s first report details compliance efforts

Financial Education Services’ court-appointed Monitor (formerly Receiver), has filed his first report. Overall FES has taken steps to address compliance, but top earners appear to still be flouting rules.

OmegaPro initiates PulseWorld XPL token exit-scam

OmegaPro appears to have reached critical mass. Following a bonus investment promotion, the Ponzi scheme has now rolled out its own crypto token exit-scam.

“Ranch” click a button Ponzi apps targeting India

Coming off the collapse of Peace Ranch, a “click a button” Ponzi app that targeted South Africa, two similar ranch themed Ponzis target Indians. Nestle Ranch launched on or around May 2022. Despite the name, Nestle ranch has nothing to do with the well known brand.

~90% of MTI investor accounts were just email addresses

Of the 300,000 investor accounts Mirror Trading International boasted, around 90% were just email addresses. That is to say, Mirror Trading International only had around 30,000 actual investors.

Luxembourg will not contest Frank Schneider’s extradition

In a surprising development, Luxembourg’s government has confirmed it will not contest Frank Schneider’s extradition.

Former EU commissioner fronts QuickX Ponzi scheme

John Dalli is a former EU Commissioner for health. He’s also Malta’s former Minister of Finance and Economy. In what isn’t much of a surprise, Dalli is one of the faces promoting the QuickX Ponzi scheme.

Two OneCoin scammers sentenced to prison in Argentina

Following guilty pleas by two of the fourteen OneCoin defendants in Argentina, the pair have been sentenced to prison. Adolfo Domínguez and Aldo Leguizamón will serve three years and six months and four years and three months respectively.

Peace Ranch Ponzi collapses, website offline

The Peace Ranch “click a button” Ponzi has collapsed. The collapse coincides with Peace Ranch’s website being pulled a few hours ago.

CashFX Group investment plummets to under $1 mill a month

In 2021 CashFX Group solicited $432 million from gullible investors, just shy of half a billion. In 2022 that amount has dropped to $112 million. On a macro level that might sound salvageable… until you consider that for October 2022, CashFX Group took in less than a million dollars.