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BitClub Network scammers denied COVID-19 release

BitClub Network scammers Matthew Goettsche and Joby Weeks have been denied temporary release from prison. The pair had asked to be released based on “particularly harmful implications” related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mark Scott released from prison over medical concerns

OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott has been released from prison. The decision was made on the basis of Scott’s current medical condition and concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Isagenix attorney confirms corporate Amazon sales strategy

A week or so ago Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover stated: Isagenix has never actively promoted products on Amazon or encouraged others to do the same. Now Isagenix’s Chief Legal Officer has confirmed a corporate-level Amazon sales strategy.

The Isagenix Amazon retail racket receipts

Last week we reported on a lawsuit alleging Isagenix corporate were in on a secret Amazon/eBay retail racket. A few days after news of the lawsuit broke, Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover appeared on a leadership call to deny the allegations. Today we examine evidence that suggests otherwise.

Crowd1 drops gambling ruse, now an “app” Ponzi

Following Premier Bet’s clarification that they have nothing to do with the company, Crowd1 has ditched it’s gambling revenue ruse. The company now claims to be an generating revenue via app sales. Oh and of course withdrawals have stopped too. Ruhroh!

Benjamin Reynolds served, CFTC to file for default

The CFTC’s case against Control Finance CEO Benjamin Reynolds continues. Reynolds was served via notices placed in the Daily Telegraph newspaper. He’s unlikely to have seen them though, because Benjamin Reynolds doesn’t exist.

Jim Coover denies Isagenix Amazon/eBay racket, receipts?

On March 17th BusinessForHome copy and pasted a lawsuit filed in Utah against Isagenix. On March 18th Isagenix held a leadership call, on which Jim Coover addressed the lawsuit.

Riway scammers promoting Purtier as COVID-19 treatment

Riway’s Purtier is a deer placenta supplement. In social media posts, various distributors have claimed Purtier boosts immune systems – with a particular focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is this factually incorrect, it’s downright dangerous.

Isagenix top earner Amazon/eBay racket exposed in lawsuit

Two Isagenix distributors have filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging losses of $170,000. At the heart of the lawsuit is a secret Amazon and eBay sales racket, allegedly approved by Isagenix management.

Redwood Scientific Tech trial delayed due to COVID-19

In what I imagine is going to become a frequently increasing occurrence, the scheduled FTC v. Redwood Scientific Technologies trial has been pushed back.