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Pruvit encourages loyalty for years with bonus, then doesn’t pay out

In an MLM compensation plan, typically the most difficult bonuses to qualify for are those that payout periodically. Initial qualification can be steep but also once qualified for, qualification is typically often required be maintained over a period of time. Worse still, even when qualified for, there’s pretty much nothing stopping a company quietly dropping [Continue reading…]

MOBE trial date penciled in, Matt Lloyd expecting criminal charges?

A May 10th Case Management Report has revealed a proposed 2020 MOBE trial date. Matt Lloyd McPhee’s response to production of evidence also suggests he might be anticipating criminal charges.

FTC seeks to hold Alan Moore in contempt over missing $26,500

Digital Altitude CTO Alan Moore reached a proposed settlement with the FTC in September 2018. As part of the settlement, it was agreed Moore would transfer $46,300 to the FTC. Following a court order to unfreeze the funds, Moore represented to the FTC that the funds had been placed in escrow with his attorney. This [Continue reading…]

Monspace Ponzi scammers arrested and charged in Malaysia

Admins of the Monspace Ponzi scheme have been arrested in Malaysia. CEO Lai Chai Shuang (Jessy Lai), Wong Tat Foong and Chai Ling Mooi plead not guilty to charges relating to fraud.

5Linx’s Jason Guck sentenced to seven months prison for fraud

Following a brief sentencing delay, Jason Guck has been sentenced to seven months in prison. Guck is the third 5Linx owner to be sentenced on charges stemming from wire and tax fraud.

Kuvera Global launches new unregistered securities, SEC still asleep

MLM cryptocurrency companies and securities fraud practically go hand in hand. It is easily the biggest regulatory threat facing the industry and, for that reason, you’ll see me emphasizing it in a lot of our reviews. Most of the time the companies in question aren’t registered with the SEC and, because of that, I cut the [Continue reading…]

OneCoin victim class-action lawsuit filed in New York

A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against OneCoin in New York. The opening introduction of the complaint quotes Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman, and pretty much says it all; [They] created a multi-billion-dollar “cryptocurrency” company based completely on lies and deceit. They promised big returns and minimal risk, but … this business was [Continue reading…]

ShareNode admits no Nasgo demand, suspends NSG payouts

In a recent email sent out to affiliates, ShareNode has admitted there is no external demand for Nasgo. The company also announced it was suspending NSG withdrawals until at least Q3 2019.

OneCoin money laundering arrests in London, UK

No offense to Jen McAdam… but talk about burying the lead. In an “exclusive” interview with McAdam, the UK’s Metro has revealed three OneCoin arrests in London over March and April.

30 Day Success Formula bumps gifting fraud payments to $27,500

Things are getting desperate over at 30 Day Success Formula. Since our review just shy of three weeks ago, the company has introduced a new $27,500 gifting tier. 30 Day Success Formula affiliates have also been banned from making those cringey “cash in the mail” videos. No matter how you cut it though, 30 Day [Continue reading…]