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Beurax securities fraud warning issued in South Africa

Beurax has received a securities fraud warning from South Africa’s Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

Wiseling securities fraud warning issued in Ghana

In the wake of Wiseling’s collapse, Ghana’s SEC has issued a securities fraud warning. As per the SEC’s February 23rd notice;

Wiseling’s Matias Lappo actor gone, ETH wallets cleaned out

As Wiseling’s admins attempt to placate angry investors on social media, it has been revealed that the actor playing CEO Matias Lappo has fled.

Griddy grilled over “unbelievable electricity bills”

Griddy Pro is the MLM arm of Griddy, a wholesale electricity retailer. One the concerns raised in our Griddy Pro review late last year was having to keep track of fluctuating rates. If a Griddy customer wasn’t paying attention, they could easily rack up huge bills due to price spikes. One historical example was a [Continue reading…]

WorldVentures sues Eddie Head, RIP Seacret Direct merger

WorldVentures has filed a lawsuit against Eddie Head. As revealed in the lawsuit, the on again off again Seacret merger is officially dead.

New Wiseling warnings from Finnish authorities

In the wake of Wiseling’s collapse Finnish authorities have issued two fresh regulatory warnings. On February 22nd the Financial Supervisory Authority advised it had

Wiseling collapses, withdrawals stopped a week ago

On February 15th Wiseling stopped honoring affiliate withdrawal requests. Rather than immediately report on Wiseling’s collapse, I thought I’l let this one play out for a bit.

myWorld Review: Cashback World, Lyconet & Lyoness in 2021

Lyoness is based out of Austria. The company was founded by Hubert Freidl all the way back in 2003. BehindMLM first reviewed Lyoness in 2012. An updated review of Lyconet was published in 2014. In between reviews and since then, we’ve been following significant developments. And there’s been quite a few. To keep thing simple [Continue reading…]

Youngevity to drop Bulavita case as part of settlement

Youngevity filed suit against Bulavita for trademark infringement late last year. We’ve been tracking the case and so far there haven’t been any significant updates. On January 25th Youngevity was directed to inform the court of the case status, failing which it would be dismissed. On January 26th Youngevity filed its response.

Torque Trading exit-scam relies on inaction by Singapore police

A Singapore Police Force report is doing the rounds, suggesting Torque Trading is preemptively hoping to undermine victim complaints.