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Traffic Monsoon Receiver renews Canadian clawback efforts

Back in October 2019 the Traffic Monsoon Receiver sought to employ local attorneys to go after Canadian net-winners. The motion was denied later the same month. In denying the motion, the court recommended the Receiver ‘solicit multiple bids from attorneys experienced in this area of Canadian law’. On April 26th the Receiver filed a new [Continue reading…]

Injunction denied against Sparman & Vantage Payments

The TelexFree class-action Plaintiffs have failed to secure a preliminary injunction against Dustin Sparman and Vantage Payments.

LuLaRoe hit with second pyramid scheme class-action

A second pyramid scheme class-action has been filed against LuLaRoe. Plaintiff Jessica Ponkey filed suit against LuLaRoe in California on March 24th, 2021.

GladiaCoin, JetCoin sued by US victim

A reader showed up in the comments today with a link to a 2017 civil lawsuit filed against GladiaCoin and JetCoin. I hadn’t heard of the case before so I went and looked it up. Sure enough on July 18th, 2017, Plaintiff Gloria Jung Yun filed suit in Pennsylvania.

Scammers celebrate AMG Supreme Court win

Although it’s been on my radar, BehindMLM hasn’t covered the AMG v. FTC lawsuit as it isn’t itself an MLM related case. That said, on April 22nd the Supreme Court handed scammers a victory. That victory has ramifications for MLM fraud related lawsuits.

Johann Steynberg and wife’s assets subject to MTI clawback

While South African authorities continue to twiddle their thumbs and do nothing, liquidation proceedings against Mirror Trading International’s ringleaders continues. The latest decision has seen provisional sequestration granted against Johann and Nerina Steynberg.

Kristijan Krstic extraditions approved again by High Court

Following a successful appeal last month, the Kristijan Krstic extraditions were punted back to a Serbian High Court. That High Court has now reaffirmed that “that all legal preconditions for extradition have now been determined”. This means that extradition is once again on the cards, pending the outcome of another new appeal.

Mining City claims fake app accessed affiliate database

In an email sent out to its investors, Mining City claims a “fake app” somehow has access to the company’s affiliate database. From a security standpoint, this makes zero sense.

Planet IX, Crowd1’s latest crypto Ponzi scheme “game”

Crowd1’s latest ploy to extract more money from its affiliates is … a crypto mobile app Ponzi scheme. How very… 2015? To hear founder Jonas Werner pitch Planet IX though, Crowd1 just invented sliced bread.

Alan Friedland playing fast and loose with fraud evidence

Alan Friedland (right) appears to be withholding evidence from the CFTC. Outstanding requests for production of documents to Friedland date back to August 2020. After eight months of stuffing around on Friedland’s part, on April 9th the CFTC filed a motion seeking to compel production.