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MBI’s Teddy Teow wanted for $83 million Macau scam

Malaysian authorities arrested MBI International founder Teddy Teow in June 2017. He was arrested again by Malaysian authorities in May 2018. Despite facing charges leading to at least five years in prison… Teow was released on bail and, you guessed it, promptly fled to Macau. We know this because Teow is now wanted in Macau [Continue reading…]

Chinese MBI International Ponzi victims protest in Malaysia

BehindMLM published its MBI International review back in mid 2016. Over the course of 200+ comments, a number of die-hard investors defended the Ponzi scheme. Following the arrest of founder Teddy Teow and MBI’s collapse, investors are only now beginning to realize their losses.

MBI International regulatory warning issued in New Zealand

Following criminal charges being filed against Teddy Teow back in May, promotion of the MBI International Ponzi scheme appears to have shifted to New Zealand. This has attracted the attention of the Financial Markets Authority, who yesterday issued an “unregistered business” warning.

MBI International founder Teddy Teow charged with financial fraud

The Bank of Malaysia has charged MBI International Ponzi boss Teddy Teow with two counts of financial fraud.

MBI Ponzi scheme duped 350,000 affiliates out of $165 million

An ongoing investigation by Malaysian authorities has revealed the MBI Ponzi scheme saw 350,000 affiliates lose 700 million MYR ($165 million USD). MBI was a Ponzi scheme based on GRC Unit Ponzi points. MBI affiliates invested up to $35,000 in GRC Units, the internal value of which was set by MBI.

Malaysian authorities still investigating MBI International fraud

MLM Regulation appears to be a bit ass-backwards in Malaysia. After seizing over $40 million dollars and arresting MBI International founder Teddy Teow, Malaysian authorities released him and claimed they were still investigating. Now the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry  has provided an update on the situation.

MBI International “top official” arrested in Malaysia, Teddy Teow?

Amid an ongoing investigation by Malaysian authorities that saw raids conducted on MBI malls earlier this month, now news that a “top official” has been arrested. Malaysian authorities haven’t identified the arrested individual. From the sounds of it though, there’s little doubt they’ve nabbed MBI International founder Teddy Teow.

MBI International malls raided, $41.2 million dollars seized

Following the Central Bank of Malaysia adding MBI International to their national alert list earlier this month, over the last few days police have conducted raids and seized millions of dollars.

MBI International added to Central Bank of Malaysia’s alert list

Nine years after it launched in 2009, Malaysia’s top financial regulator has finally taken action against MBI International. Bank Negara Malaysia is pretty much Malaysia’s SEC equivalent and regulates the country’s financial sector. On May 22nd, the bank added MBI International and M Face International to its consumer alert list.

MBI International scammers arrested in Taiwan

This one slipped through the cracks and was only recently brought to our attention by BehindMLM reader “TS”. Turns out back in August a number of MBI International scammers were arrested in Taiwan. The following is a run down in English, from a third-party translation and that of Kasey Chang.