Gilbert Armenta was indicted on OneCoin fraud charges in July 2017. He pled guilty to the charges in April 2018.

Originally held in prison awaiting sentencing, Armenta was released on compassionate grounds in late 2020.

Since then Armenta’s scheduled sentencing dates have been continuously pushed back.

The official and now oft repeated reason for Armenta’s sentencing delay is “forfeiture and other sentencing related issues”. This doesn’t tell us much.

Now, a new filing from Armenta sheds light on what’s holding things up.

On July 13th  Armenta’s attorney wrote to the court, requesting modification of his current bail conditions.

We respectfully submit this request seeking a modification of Mr. Armenta’s bail conditions to permit Mr. Armenta to leave his apartment from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Mondays through Saturdays each week.

Neither the Government nor the supervising Pre-trial Services objects to this request.

Armenta (right) also sought permission to leave his home to attend any medical appointments scheduled between 9am and 6pm.

The requested modification is due to Armenta being under these conditions for two years without issue. This brings us to the the cause of the delay.

The parties have been seeking adjournments of Mr. Armenta’s sentencing in order to permit the sentencing in United States v. Mark S. Scott to proceed first, and contemplate seeking a similar adjournment of the upcoming sentencing date.

Armenta is currently scheduled to be sentenced on July 27th. As above though, that is undoubtedly again going to be pushed back.

Mark Scott headed up OneCoin’s money laundering operations in the US.

Scott was convicted on OneCoin money laundering charges in November 2019.

Sentencing Scott has proven equally as drawn out as Armenta’s case. In a bid to avoid prison, Scott filed for a retrial in December 2021.

A decision on that motion remains pending – with Armenta’s sentencing schedule held in the balance.

The court granted Armenta’s request for bail modification on July 14th.