Having dumped their DagCoin Ponzi scheme, its marketing arm Success Factory announced they were entering the US.

And so in February 2022 Success Factory held an event in Dubai. New CEOs Roald Mailly (Europe) and Jason Tyne (US) were revealed, as well as Forex Insiders.

Oh and securities fraud. Lots of securities fraud.

It seems OneCoin Ponzi alumni and DagCoin founder Nils Grossberg isn’t keen on being the face of his company anymore.

Roald Mailly is a former OneCoin investor. He was in ACN till late 2016, before investing in the Ponzi scheme.

The Ponzi side of OneCoin of course went tits up in early January 2017. Under top OneCoin net-winner Igor Albert’s wing, Mailly and the rest of Alberts’ downline jumped ship for DagCoin.

Mailly climbed as a DagCoin investor to Crown Diamond. In February 2020 he signed on as DagCoin and Success Factory’s Vice President of Marketing.

As of March 2022, Mailly heads up Success Factory Europe as CEO.

Given the real players behind DagCoin and Success Factory are Nils Grossberg and Igor Alberts though, this is really just Mailly’s executive marketing role with a new title.

Jason Tyne has pitched himself as a marketing trainer for years. His longest stint appears to be CEO of something called “New Tycoon”.

That died and Tyne wound up at Cheri Tree’s and Esther Wildenberg’s CodeBreaker Technologies.

CodeBreaker Technologies bills itself as “the world leader in Personality Coding Technology with clients in more than 180 countries.” That’s a fancy way of saying it’s a marketing system.

Anyway Tyne, as CodeBreaker Technologies’ Vice President of Licensing and Vice President of the CodeBreaker Direct Selling Division, spoke at Success Factory events as early as 2020.

In March 2021 Success Factory cited Tyne as “an indispensable part of our community”.

According to his LinkedIn profile, by that stage Tyne was a “Board Advisor” for Success Factory.

At some point Tyne left CodeBreaker Technologies, and bing-badda-boom he’s now the corporate representative of a OneCoin spinoff in the US.

Success Factory launching in the US is intertwined with Forex Insider. But Forex Insider isn’t new. In fact it’s been around since at least 2020.

Up until recently, Forex Insider was a simple signals app. Trouble is, people in a Ponzi scheme aren’t interested in signals. They want to dump money into something and collect a return.

So what’s changed with Forex Insider to coincide with the US launch?

Automated trading.

As he appeared at Success Factory’s Feb 2022 Dubai event, I’ll let Roald Mailly explain;

[18:53] Of course whenever there’s a human step in between, it could lead to a mistake … so we would like to talk that all away and start working with auto trading.

This means that, whenever you are not even on your phone or when you are sleeping, the trade will automatically trigger.

[19:24] The moment you have set this up you can choose between active and passive.

[19:41] If you choose automatic, it will all be done by the system.

There’s also this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it line in a Success Factory marketing video, uploaded to their YouTube channel on April 11th, 2022:

[2:00] Did you know that you can pick your trading style within Forex Insiders?

Choose manual trading to have complete control over your profit target.

Or choose automatic trading, and have our expert advisor do all the work for you.

Curiously, despite obviously being a big deal, you won’t find any mention of automated trading on Success Factory’s website, or the standalone Forex Insider website.

What you will find is a 31% ROI claim for March 2022 and a 61% ROI over the past 12 months:

These marketing claims are purportedly backed up by “transparent reports” that are “10 years backtested”.

Funny enough though, these reports aren’t provided to consumers on either Success Factory’s or Forex Insiders’ websites.

That in itself is a likely violation of the FTC Act for deceptive marketing. Of far more significance, especially when you factor OneCoin and DagCoin in, is securities fraud.

Remember, Ponzi investors want to dump money into something and collect a passive return. That’s precisely what the new automated component of Forex Insiders is.

Forex Insiders subscribers pay up to $79 a month for access. Funds are collectively placed under Success Factory’s control, on the premise Forex Insiders will generate a passive return (currently represented as up to 31% a month and/or up to 61% annually)

It’s a simple trading bot MLM opportunity, which constitutes a securities offering and, in the US, requires registration with the SEC.

At time of publication neither DagCoin, Success Factory, Nils Grossberg, Roald Mailly or Jason Tyne are registered with the SEC.

This means that, at a minimum, Success Factory is committing securities fraud in the US. And Jason Tyne has been set up as the fall guy.

If you’ll excuse the pun, I certainly don’t mean that in the passive sense. Tyne has been hanging around the Ponzi scammers behind DagCoin and Success Factory for years. He knows full-well what he’s gotten himself into.

Whether anything comes of Success Factory’s foray in to the US remains to be seen. OneCoin is all over the US regulatory radar so I’d be surprised if Grossberg and co. hadn’t been connected on a whiteboard somewhere.

Hiring someone in Atlanta, Georgia to take the fall in place of seasoned Ponzi scammers hiding out in Europe and Dubai is a novel approach. So far though it hasn’t paid off.

At time of publication Alexa ranks top sources of traffic to Success Factory’s website as Saudi Arabia (42%), Pakistan (20%) and Algeria (9%).

DagCoin limped along in these jurisdictions for some time. Obviously the money’s dried up though, and so the focus is now on the US.

As Konstantin Ignatov found out, that brings with it it’s own set of regulatory challenges. Least of all the bigger Success Factory might get in the US, the higher the probability the SEC and DOJ take notice.

Or none of this will go anywhere and Success Factory will quietly fizzle out. Between Grossberg and Alberts though there’s a boatload of OneCoin/DagCoin booty to splash on marketing. I don’t see them giving up just yet.

Success Factory’s official launch in the US has been scheduled for May 10th in Atlanta.