In December 2020 BehindMLM published an article titled “Ash Mufareh still stalling OnPassive launch after 2.5 years”.

We’re now at around three and a half years and… OnPassive still hasn’t launched.

So what’s founder Ash Mufareh been up to since our 2020 update?

GoFounders has been renamed to O-Founders.

Yeah uh, that’s pretty much it.

While the term has been in use for longer, the O-Founders rebranding seems to have taken place on or around November 2021.

GoFounders was the original marketing arm for OnPassive – back when it was smoke and mirrors.

OnPassive of course still is smoke and mirrors, but this was back when Mufareh hadn’t come up with a marketing narrative.

A visit to GoFounders’ domain today redirects to “”. The domain was registered in May 2021 but last updated on November 4th.

At time of publication O-Founders’ website is an affiliate login form, with links to OnPassive’s socials:

Other than that Mufareh and the gang are still promising the perpetual “never quite there” launch.

In a January 25th video published to his OnPassive Nation YouTube channel, ringleader Mike Ellis touts “the global launch of OnPassive”.

[00:08] And the timeframes right now are getting shorter, and shorter, and shorter.

[1:27] This is a really, really exciting time for OnPassive – and what’s going to be happening to us as founding members.

This pitch hasn’t materially changed in 4 years.

Alexa currently ranks traffic to O-Founders’ website primarily coming in from the US (29%), India (29%) and Canada (7%).

Visitors to OnPassive’s website are primarily from India (53%), the US (24%) and Bangladesh (8%).

As at January 2022, OnPassive and O-Founders victims are being recruited by these scammers:

That list comes courtesy of The Recovering Hunbot, who’s dived into OnPassive over the past few months.

The Recovering Hunbot’s latest video contains footage of an OnPassive “founder’s only roundtable”.

Despite owning and running the company, Mufareh is cited as a “special guest” on the webinar.

As at January 31st, coming up on three and a half years of delays, here’s Mufareh on OnPassive’s current status:

[16:02] Where are we in the journey, okay?

Better than we thought. Higher than we thought. Faster than we thought, and sooner than we thought.

Mufareh waffles on about why OnPassive hasn’t launched yet. It’s a great example of speaking at length without actually saying anything.

One new aspect of OnPassive I hadn’t heard before was Mufareh mentioning crypto trading and mining.

Mufareh began selling GOF tokens to OnPassive affiliates in April 2021. He quickly abandoned the idea after BehindMLM reported on it.

Re-adding crypto to OnPassive will probably be good for another year or two of delays.

Mufareh is believed to collected millions in GoFounders, OnPassive and O-Founders membership fees.


Update 3rd January 2022 – Mike Ellis has deleted his “global launch of OnPassive” YouTube video.

A link to the cited video was originally provided in this article. Due to Ellis deleting the video, I’ve disabled link.