Changes announced by Mirollex over the past twenty-four hours suggest an exit-scam is underway.

In a video published to Mirollex’s official YouTube channel a few hours ago, the company announced;

In connection with preparations for the launch of MXGlobal, the company’s technical department is carrying out a general migration of databases to new, high-performance MXGlobal servers.

In order to maintain the integrity of all data until May 27, 2021, Jackson, Grant, Franklin, CryptoTrend, Nakamoto and Freedom deposit plans will undergo a data transfer procedure.

During this time, profits will not be displayed in your accounts.

After the data transfer procedure and the launch of new MXGlobal servers, all profits will be credited to the balance of your accounts.

MXGlobal appears to be some bullshit investment platform Mirollex recently came up with.

As someone who’s familiar with server migration, I can categorically state it doesn’t take weeks to migrate data.

Leave alone the fact that any reputable business will perform migration with little to no disruption to live services.

This is simple an excuse to stop showing monopoly money returns in Mirollex affiliate backoffices.

Coinciding with hiding daily return calculations, Mirollex also announced a last hurrah investment plan.

The Exclusive Express deposit plan will provide a daily profit of 5% to 11% with the ability to withdraw profits to your payment system from Monday to Friday, as well as with the ability to withdraw the initial investment amount at the end of the Exclusive Express deposit plan.

The term of the Exclusive Express deposit plan is 20 working days.

Naturally the new “Exclusive Express” plan isn’t subject to the same issues as Mirollex’s existing investment plans.

Mirollex seems to be running their exit-scam till May 27th, the proposed date of their live event in the Dominican Republic.

I’m predicting one of two scenarios playing out:

  1. Mirollex collects enough new funds through the Exclusive Express plan to keep the scam going a bit longer after May 27th, then exit-scams anyway; or
  2. Mirollex doesn’t collect enough funds and exit-scams on or around May 27th.

This is the same exit-scam Wiseling used just before it officially collapsed.

Launching a new investment plan just before doing a runner is of course hardly unique to Boris CEO Ponzi schemes.

Curiously Mirollex trotted out their Remmao Alafif actor for the announcement;

Mirollex’s CEO actor Andreas Kral was recently confirmed to be an actor, so perhaps he’s taking a break.

In the video Alafif craps on about Mirollex launching an IPO later this year.

Not willing to engage with their investors publicly, Mirollex has disabled comments on the video.


Update 23rd May 2021 – Guess there isn’t going to be a Dominican Republic event, Mirollex has collapsed.