Someone claiming to be Mirollex CEO Andrea Kral has appeared in a video.

In the video, uploaded to a purpose specific YouTube channel, the individual claims he’s an actor.

The Kral video is hosted on the YouTube channel “Ludoed Production”. The channel was created on May 5th, the same day the Kral video was uploaded.

It is the only video on the channel. Based on responses to comments on the video, I don’t believe the individual in the video created the YouTube account.

Thus the source of the video in question, at least for now, is unclear.

In the video the individual, sitting in a nondescript room in front a door, claims he is “an actor who played the role of Mirollex CEO Andreas Kral.”

Like any other acting job, also in the case of Mirollex, it involves having a scripted scenario that I, as an actor, need to play out convincingly and professionally.

The entire shooting process was organized by the production studio.

The individual goes on to say he “cannot personally vouch or confirm the reliability” in any of the Mirollex marketing video he featured in.

The description of the video states;

The creator of the channel knows the real names and locations of the organizers and performers of the MIROLLEX project.

Soon this information will be published in the telegram channel.

A link to a Telegram channel is provided.

As to who the individual is, I have two leads.

He looks remarkably like Dmitri Astakhov on SoundCloud (same glasses and face).

He also appears to feature in a bank commercial shot by Ken Guru back in 2013.

Evidently he’s lot a bit of weight over the past eight years and now has a narrower face.

KenGuru is a Russian “creative agency, which includes branding, design and production studio.” The company services clients in Russia and the Ukraine.

This fits the Boris CEO profile. Whether KenGuru is the production company behind Mirollex’s marketing videos though is unclear.

If you’re wondering who is dumb enough to keep falling for Boris CEO Ponzi schemes, look no further than comments left on the Kral “confession” video.

Mirollex has made themselves so transparent and built up so much trust that it would be disappointed if this video is real.

This is not real and this is a fake video made by some hate people just to bring down mirollex company. this video made by computer programs call Deepfake.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an actor or a real CEO. The main thing is that my team and I and thousand of other partners of the company continue to get steadily profit for 8 months. And the project will work for a long time.

Mirollex is already a success. And we are proud of this project, because there are many projects on the Internet, but Mirollex is the best and most successful platform on this market.

With dumbasses lining up to lose money, it’s no wonder we keep seeing new Boris CEO Ponzis every month.

As to claims of validity of the Kral video, the last Mirollex video featuring Kral was uploaded on April 29th, 2021.

That’s barely a week before the confessions video surfaced.

Looking forward, on March 24th Mirollex uploaded a “global off-line conference” video.

The description of that video states;

On May 31, 2021, the international conference Mirollex will be held in the Dominican Republic.

A special guest of the conference is the CEO of Mirollex, Mr. Andreas Kral, as well as the director of development of Mirollex, Mr. Remmao Alafif.

With Kral outing himself as an actor, I suppose one way or another the legitimacy of the confessions video will be determined on May 31st.

If Kral is a no-show or Mirollex cancels or delays the event (for any reason), I’d take that as confirmation the video is real.

No doubt the Mirollex gullible collective will come up with some bullshit to explain it away though.

I still haven’t been able to pin down who Remmao Alafif is, so his appearance will be neither here nor there.

Stay tuned!


Update 11th May 2021 – Mirollex has uploaded a video featuring the actor playing Andreas Kral, claiming the Ludoed Production video is a fake.


Update 23rd May 2021 – Mirollex has collapsed.


Update 7th June 2021 – Not that it really matters now that Mirollex has collapsed, but the Andrea Kral confession video has now been removed from YouTube.