Earlier this month I explored whether Meta Bounty Hunters was an iBuumerang spinoff.

I can now confirm it is. The Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi scheme is being run by Holton Buggs and Travis Bott.

Suspicion Meta Bounty Hunters was an iBuumerang spinoff, arose from iBuumerang executives promoting the scheme.

Namely Avinash Nagamah, iBuumerang’s “Travel Savings Ambassador for Europe”.

It followed that Holton Buggs was involved. I wasn’t able to confirm that though till Meta Bounty Hunters’ launch event last night.

There it is. That’s Nagamah again front right and, if I’m not mistaken, OmegaPro’s Mike Sims at the back next to Travis Bott.

As part of what is believed to be a wider international investigation, UK authorities recently cracked down on OMP Money.

OMP Money is a UK shell company Omega Pro is/was using to launder invested funds through.

Whether OmegaPro’s regulatory problems prompted Sims to get involved with Meta Bounty Hunters is unclear.

Back to our main players; Holton Buggs and Travis Bott.

Holton Buggs was best known in the MLM industry for his time at Organo Gold. He seems determined to rewrite that legacy in favor of crypto fraud.

Buggs was at the center of a 2018 attempt to funnel Organo Gold distributors into the Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme.

That idea fell apart and Buggs went on to launch iBuumerang in 2019.

iBuumerang web traffic began tanking towards the end of 2021, so here we are with Meta Bounty Hunters.

Travis Bott is a serial securities fraud offender. BehindMLM has attached him to multiple Ponzi schemes over the years.

Travis Bott first appeared on BehindMLM’s radar in mid 2017. We tied Bott to Divvee’s illegal securities fraud offering, through Ryze AI.

Bott reemerged in late 2017 with Westmyn, a shell company used commit securities fraud through Investview’s Wealth Generators.

Investview was subpoenaed and subsequently fined $150,000 by the CFTC in 2018.

A year later Travis Bott went solo with Onyx Lifestyle.

In mid 2021 what was left of Onyx Lifestyle was rolled into Digital Profit.

Digital Profit imploded with a “bad trades” exit-scam in August 2021. Investors lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A significant percentage of Meta Bounty Hunter’s promoters appear to be iBuumerang distributors.

In attempt to maintain the illusion it isn’t a spinoff, there’s no mention of Meta Bounty Hunters on iBuumerang’s socials.

As reviewed here on BehindMLM, Meta Bounters combines Ponzi and pyramid fraud.

This is wrapped up in NFT investment positions, featuring rocketmen cartoons, knocked off from Disney’s Star Wars IP.

As per OpenSeas, Meta Bounty Hunters has presently sold ~6100 NFTs. At $2000 a pop this is a quick $12.2 million payday for Buggs and Bott.

They’ll also receive a cut of every Meta Bounty Hunters resale.

The current floor price of Meta Bounty Hunters is 0.74 ETH (~$2800). There are only 1-2 NFTs being sold per day though, so this is unlikely to be accurate.

Wash trading fraud is rife within the NFT community. Once that dies down we’re likely to get a more accurate glimpse of how much Meta Bounty Hunters investors lost.

Neither Meta Bounty Hunters, Holton Buggs, Travis Bott or anyone else associated is registered with the SEC.


Update 28th May 2022 – Meta Bounty Hunters is part of Travis Bott’s Meta Labs Agency.

Meta Labs Agency sees Bott launch an NFT Ponzi factory.