Holton Buggs’ Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Behindmlm reader Daz predicted Meta Bounty Hunters would soon experience withdrawal problems last October.

This was based on Meta Bounty Hunters commingling investor funds with The Traders Domain, a Ponzis scheme that collapsed towards the end of 2022.

Sure enough on January 27th, 2023, two BehindMLM readers confirmed Meta Bounty Hunters and its sequel Meta Bounty Huntresses had collapsed.

The premise behind Meta Bounty Hunters was affiliates investing $2000 in NFT positions.

In addition to receiving pyramid commissions, weekly “reflection” returns were also paid out.

Meta Bounty Hunters launched a year ago in January 2022. The Meta Bounty Hunteresses sequel Ponzi was launched in October 2022.

BehindMLM confirmed Holton Buggs and Travis Bott were behind Meta Bounty Hunters in February 2022.

Buggs is best known in the MLM industry as a top earner in Organo Gold. Buggs time at Organo Gold ended in 2018, following Buggs’ descent into crypto securities fraud.

That descent was temporarily put on hold when Buggs launched iBuumerang in 2019.

Originally a travel company, COVID-19 decimating the industry saw Buggs introduce crypto securities fraud to iBuumerang through Ellev8.

Through Ellev8, iBuumerang affiliates are believed to have been funnelled into various fraudulent crypto investment schemes.

When Buggs launched Meta Bounty Hunters, naturally iBuumerang affiliates were funnelled into that too.

Meta Bounty Huntresses was a cynical attempt to create broader appeal to female iBuumerang affiliates.

Travis Bott has long been associated with various Ponzi schemes. When we last checked in he’d just launched Meta Labs Agency.

By virtue of iBuumerang affiliates being funneled into them, the majority of Meta Bounty Hunters and Huntresses investors are believed to be US residents. Holton Buggs and Travis Bott are also US residents, operating out of Florida and Utah respectively.

As it stands Meta Bounty Hunters and Huntresses investors are being restricted from bringing up their losses with the company.

Pending a regulatory investigation by the SEC, total Meta Bounty Hunters and Huntresses investor losses remain unknown.