Following an August 7th filed stipulation, Jay Bennett and Isagenix have agreed to enter mediation.

Isagenix has also filed an appeal against a previously granted preliminary injunction.

As per the filed stipulation, the parties agreed to proceed to arbitration as ordered by the court.

That order was issued later the same day, directing Bennett and Isagenix to “initiate arbitration on or before August 23, 2023.”

Separately, on August 8th, Isagenix informed the court it had filed an appeal against its preliminary injunction decision.

Bennett secured an injunction against Isagenix last month.

As per the injunction, Isagenix was required to to restore Bennett’s access to his five distributor accounts. Isagenix is also prohibited from tampering with Bennett’s downline structure.

Seems kind of moot in light of arbitration going ahead. I suppose Isagenix is covering its bases in case arbitration falls through.

As far as a settlement goes, Bennett has demonstrated he intends to hold Isagenix to their agreed upon contract. I don’t see him accepting anything less than perhaps (slightly?) reduced income positions.

Isagenix might be hoping their appeal goes through, which would see Bennett put in a potentially precarious financial position.

Much easier to negotiate with someone under financial duress to get what you want could be the play here.