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United Games Marketing acquired by Investview (Kuvera Global)

We’re a bit late to this one… but back in July United Games Marketing announced it had been fully acquired by Investview. The amount Investview paid for United Games Marketing was not disclosed. The acquisition of UGM, among other things, will give Investview access to “19,000 active paying customers” and a “1.5 million person database”.

Kuvera Global’s individual mining lie exposed, same old cloud mining

At the heart of Kuvera Global’s “we don’t need to register with the SEC” pseudo-compliance, is the claim that their mining services are provided on an individual basis. A Kuvera Global affiliate invests in a graphics card, Kuvera Global set that up and then run it to generate a ROI. We offer Crypto Mining Packages [Continue reading…]

Investview (Kuvera Global) fined $150,000 by CFTC

In an Form 10-K annual report published a few hours ago, Investview has revealed a $150,000 fine by the CFTC.

Kuvera Global Review: Investview still flaunting securities in front of SEC

On March 1st, 2018, parent company Investview announced Wealth Generators was changing its name to Kuvera. Wealth Generators began as a stock investment advice opportunity. In late 2017 the company began offering cryptocurrency mining contracts. Wealth Generators affiliates invested up to $4999 in individual mining contracts, on the promise of an advertised 1200 day ROI. [Continue reading…]

Is Wealth Generators registered to offer securities through Investview?

On the footer of the Wealth Generators website you’ll find the notice: Wealth Generators LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview (OTC:INVU) Investview is a Nevada corporation that actually operates out of Utah, run by Ryan Smith, Annette Raynor and Chad Miller and Mario Romano. In light of our recent report on Wealth Generators’ Crypto [Continue reading…]

Wealth Generators Crypto Review: 1200 day altcoin mining contracts

Despite the SEC making it clear that MLM cryptocurrency opportunities are not exempt from securities regulation, some companies don’t appear to have gotten the memo. One of those companies is Wealth Generators, who are currently gearing up to launch their “Crypto” mining contracts.

Wealth Generators Review: Wealth Engineering goes MLM

Wealth Generators was founded in 2013 by Ryan Smith, Annette Raynor, Chad Miller, M. Arthur Romano. The company operates out of the US state of Utah, with Kevin Gull (right) named as President. As per Gull’s Wealth Generators corporate bio; Most recently, Kevin was President of Symmetry Global, where he led the company to its [Continue reading…]