Joseph Cammarata has been accused of witness tampering in his ongoing tax fraud cause.

The DOJ alleges the former Investview CEO improperly communicated with one of his accomplices.

Cammarata’s tax fraud criminal case ties into his recovery scamming through Alpha Plus.

The conspirators engaged in a scheme to defraud securities class action claims administrators (and the parties to the underlying settlements for whom they worked) out of more than $40 million.

Cammarata (right) was sentenced on related criminal charges back in June. Last month the SEC also secured summary judgment on related civil fraud charges.

At his criminal case both of Cammarata’s co conspirators, David Punturieri and Erik Cohen, testified against him.

Pursuant to their cooperation agreements, both men explained at length that the claims that the three of them had submitted through Alpha Plus were fraudulent; that the “clients” that they purported to represent were phony; and that the backup documents that they had submitted to substantiate their false claims had been fabricated.

They also testified about their schemes to make bribes and payoffs and of their mutual fears of detection and

As alleged by the DOJ in a September 6th motion, Cammarata reached out to David Punturieri a few days after his June 6th sentencing.

With the New Jersey case scheduled to begin in less than three months, Cammarata sent a letter, dated June 16, 2023, to co-defendant David Punturieri from the federal prison where Cammarata was being held.

Cammarata addressed the letter to “Paul Delfino, Esq.”, an alias Punturieri used as part of their Alpha Plus scheme.

Cammarata’s correspondence to Punturieri covered twelve handwritten pages.

In it, Cammarata manifested awareness of, and apprehension about, his forthcoming New Jersey trial, and a recognition that Punturieri would again appear as a witness against him:

“Now, the gov’t is trying to give me 25 more years (consecutive) on the bullshit tax case. They say that you and Dave [sic] will testify against me again, and that is fine, . . . .”

Cammarata also repeatedly exhorted Punturieri to renounce Punturieri’s prior testimony and embrace the false factual claims underlying Cammarata’s defense.

Cammarata’s letter to Punturieri is submitted by the DOJ as evidence, from which supporting quotes are provided;

You may be able to still do the right thing, save my life . . . and you and your family.

You can still fix and save our families.

“[Y]ou need to stand up and stop this.

[Y]ou need to act now before sentencing. [S]ave our lives here!

Without you, Erik is alone and there cannot be a conspiracy with one person . . . .

You should at least write a letter (affidavit) to judge [sic] Kenny that what the witnesses testified was true . . . .

In the event Punturieri didn’t comply with Cammarata’s demands, he made the consequences very clear.

5K1’s are labeled rats and will be targeted, beat up, robbed, raped, or worse.

I have done over 15 months in jail and will get my revenge on Erik, the SEC, prosecutors, and judge.

I am hoping [Erik] is stabbed in the neck after being someones [sic] bitch for a few weeks.

You can come clean and explain the truth. Or you can go to your jail with your rat paperwork and see what jail is really like.

Addressing Cammarata’s claims in his letter, the DOJ writes;

Of course, these very claims were not only inconsistent with Punturieri’s prior testimony, but they had been soundly rejected by Cammarata’s trial jury.

And with respect to Cammarata’s threats;

This letter, with its threats, false self-justifications, and antisemitic tropes, was mailed by Cammarata to Punturieri. Punturieri turned it over to the government.

Cammarata wrote the letter in his own handwriting and sent it to a cooperating witness from the Federal Detention Center.

From the text of the letter, a jury could easily conclude that Cammarata intended to intimidate and influence Punturieri, and from that could infer his consciousness of his own guilt.

Judge for yourself, here’s a full transcript of Cammarata’s twelve-page letter to Punturieri (you might want to refresh yourself on Cammarata’s criminal case first);

Dear Dave,

I do not think there is anything wrong with contacting you now after the trial and sentencing.

I do not know or understand what happened and while I know Erik is a lying piece of shit, I don’t think either of you know that there was no crime!

I had hoped you understood the truth, but know that the government squeezed you to bury me.

I have been in FDC Miami, FDC Philadelphia (for over 14 months) and was in Essex County jail.

Dave, you did not commit a fucking crime, and neither did I.

You may be able to still do the right thing, save my life (what’s left of it) and you and your family.

If you did not read my past trial motions you must start understanding why there was no crime.

Erik may have thought or said there was just to convict me, but you knew better and you know that he lied about everything.

Dave, you knew he was cooperating before we got indicted (which was a corrupted indictment).

Now we know why he told me I had to be on the bank accounts in Aug 2021, after everything was already shut down. You know why he was liquidating everything.

Remember he was going crazy in Sept 2021 about he needed all his investments paid back. Then why was all of the employee health insurance cancelled by him even before the indictment?

Dave, we did not commit a crime.

I think Erik got caught in something else and told them he has a bigger fish, me.

You do not want to go to jail. Dave, you cannot imagine what it is like and you and Erik will have a very dangerous bid [sic], because you have 5K1 agreements and when they check your paperwork you will be labeled worse than a “chomo” (child molestor).

People with 5K1’s are labeled rats and will be targeted, beat up, robbed, raped, or worse.

I have been a federal inmate for over 14 months and have seen each of those scenarios myself.

Be smart here, at least listen to what I have to say. You can fix and save our families.

Dave, you know I had many trading businesses including Tillerman, PB Trade, Fiscus, Argus 2, Thoderfield, and my own Merrill Lynch account that had over 100,000s of trades.

You know I bought OES and it did business with some of the largest firms in the world, the NYSE, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, TD Bank, the CHicago Stock Exchange and more.

You may not know that OES was turned to SpeedRoute in 2010 and I owned all of the trades that were done in my name.

We had two businesses, Service Bureau and Sponsored Access.

Service Bureau was just the routing business. I just routed orders for firms in their own name. I never owned those trades and we never even received any of those trades and we never filed on any trades that I did not own. You and Erik may not understand that.

The Sponsored Access business from 2005-2015 which is what we filed on were all the trades owned by me, and held in SpeedRoute’s name.

For example, if the NYSE sent me an order to buy 10,000 ABC at $10.10, I would find the best price from maybe 20 different markets at an average price of $10.08 and then I would own all those trades as SpeedRoute and flip it (or sell it) to the NYSE as one trade of 10,000 shares at $10.10 and then we would split the profit (or loss)at the end of the month.

The 20 executions at all different prices were my trades (that I owned) and then the trade I flipped (or sold) to the client was a different trade (a single trade of 10,000 @ $10.10).

The position was mine and sat on my books for at least 3 business days until settlement.

I owned the shares, had the risk, paid the clearing and exchange fees and that is all undeniable.

Many times I had to buy the stock at $10.13 and still had to give it to the NYSE at $10.10 and lost money.

These were really all my trades and owned by me! That is why we had huge positions and trades in so many names.

Dave, if those trades belonged to someone other than me, why on the millions and millions of trades filed did we never have a dupe in 7 years?

Because they were real trades owned by me and that is why they were never filed as duplicated trades.

Erik testified that he would reduce the share size by 3 shares, which does not make sense.

The trades would have not appeared on the admin’s list of all the trades (that Erik also testified to).

The admins would have rejected the claims for no trade.

Then if Erik truly reduced the claims by 3 to 9 shares on millions of trades, then I actually owned more shares.

Even if all of that was true, there would have also been many duplicated trade filings.

Dave, there was not one. In fact at trial they did not show one example of a falsified trade, fake documentation, or inaccurate or reduced trade.

Erik may not have known that I really owned all these trades and he may have thought he was filing on other people’s claims, we never did!

Maybe that is why Erik in Sept 2021 or so called that emergency meeting in your office and said, “We stole $43M”, and I said “no what are you talking about”.

Remember, I called you right after that and asked “what has he lost his mind”, and you said you did not know why he said that. He must have been wearing a wire for the govt.

If these were not really my trades, how did we get paid on 1,000s of claims on millions of trades, without a problem, a duped trade, someone else claiming the trades, or a single victim identified after 3.5 years?

At trial not one clearing or admin witness could confirm any trade as fake, any false claim filed, or phony trade reports, not one!

Dave, you have been like a brother and best friend for 12 years, did I ever once tell you that we were filing on trades that belonged to other people?

I never gave you guys any trades that I did not own, and maybe you doubted that oErik likes drama, but it’s the truth and proven by no dupes, missing trades, a single example provided by the govt or one victim identified.

Dave, we should have won the trial if Erik did not cooperate a year before, only to bury me through his criminal acts.

Wasn’t if funny how he had just landed in Nashville hours before the Wed. office raid and then they told him take your time, enjoy vacation, stay the weekend, just turn yourself in on Monday. Then the FBI “forgot” only my PCs and the claim/partner payout server.

You are not an idiot Dave, you know Erik tampered (with) the evidence. He claimed that you made $12M, I made $19M and he only made $9M.

You know that is perjury and he doctored the payouts (you testified you both made the same)!

I made about $15M and you both made about $12.5M each. Because I made 50% the first year (on my own trade data), but after I sold to OSTK I went down to 33% to be fair to my “brothers”.

Erik hacked my emails, tampered with so much evidence. The govt asked Erik to “call Microsoft to get my emails”. Not the FBI or govt, but Erik a cooperating defendant who is being rewarded for lying to bury me.

He claimed he downloaded my emails from the Microsoft Cloud. Guess what, my emails that he provided to the govt were NOT even on the MSFT Cloud or even hosted by MSFT.

He provided those illegally hacked and tampered emails to the govt just days before trial, so I could not have a forensic show the corruption.

Everything he said was a laying contradiction to your truthful testimony. We never committed a crime, you need to sand up and stop this.

The Judge said one day we had more shares than were traded, that was obviously a stock split, but nobody will listen to me. Save us here Dave, you can do this.

You know that the assignment was real and valid! We had all the legal documentation and even from Stephen assigning all my rights to Quartis for the trade data I owned from 2005-2010.

Then when we got the SpeedRoute trades from 2010-2015 we assigned them to Nimello in 2015.

This was all legal and proper (please read my post trial motions, it will have you understand).

The govt does not like that they were foreign entities, but I owned them and it is not illegal. Stephen Dickson testified that we assigned all the trades to file claims for my trades.

Look at the case of Spring Comm. V. Apcc Sves, in 2008 where the Supreme Court said that is exactly the legal way to file for securities class action settlement claims. We did everything right and it was legal.

Assignment was testified to by every claims admin and even you and Erik explained that it is very common to sell trades and claims to other entities.

Please rad my post trial motions, they are long but you will see that we did not commit any crime!

The government refused to accept assignment and that was the entire case, but they knew there was no crime because I assigned the trades to Quartis and Nimello and they never acknowledged assignment.

I will win the appeal, but it will take a year. You waived appeal rights, so you need to act now before sentencing.

Just tell the truth, they were my trades, assigned and we filed as the proper beneficial owner.

The reports were as they should have been, the real trades assigned to the beneficial owner (Supreme Court said so).

It gets worse, look at how they indicted us.

On the indictment p. 4 #11, the “required two essential facts” needed to be eligible for a claim.

They lied to the Grade Jury to get the indictment. They told the Grand Jury and the Judge and trial jury that you had to have been the one that actually bought the stock, not assigned or sold, which you know happens every day, in every claim and is legal. It is proven and every admin confirmed it.

Then the second materially false lie was that the claimant/beneficial owner had to show the admins that they lost money on the trade. This is also completely wrong and you know it!

Not one claim form ever asked for a loss, it is always calculated by the admins. Dave, you know this, save our lives here!

So after telling the ury(s) and court these lies and them saying Quartis/Nimello did not engage in trading, of course they thought it was a fraud.

They did not know you can (and we did assign the rights like everyone erlse) and we only had to provide the trades, not any loss.

Did FRT actually trade the stocks, no! They were the assignee and beneficial owner.

The fucking morons did not understand the business. Erik must not have and created this whole narrative of fake clients and claims.

He may have gotten caught with an underage hooker or something, but he needed to say this was a crime to get out of something.

His father still owes me $1.4M from the real estate investment I gave him, so maybe that is why he wanted me in jail and losing everything.

I never did anything to deserve this Dave. Be a fucking man and you will see, you did not lie under oath, Erik did.

The govt convinced you that you did something wrong, because Quartis/Nimello did not do the trades and that was wrong. They were the assignees and legal beneficial owner and valid claimant.

Even SpeedRoute said the report was a one off report created by an authorized agent.

They also did not confirm the trade data was wrong, because it was not, but they did (could not) have known that the trades were assigned to Quartis and Nimello.

They know the trades, but not the assignee. All they had to do was ask me. I told Jason and Alex they were assigned to those names, but did not think they cared.

We are innocent Dave. Yo know Erik lied, I proved it. He tampered with the evidence and the govt still could not provide a single fraudulent claim.

If you explain that these trades were all real and assigned then the fact is there is truly no crime and certainly no fraud, no conspiracy, or any illegal conduct.

Without you, Erik is alone and there cannot be a conspiracy with one person.

You know he lied about so much. You that the FBI left behind only my servers and the payment servers so that Erik could tamper with evidence.

Did you make $12M and he only made $9M, come on Dave, you need to prove that he lied. You did not and are safe.

Do the right thing. These trades were really my trades and I owned every one. You know I assigned them and everyone testified to that.

If these billions of trades belonged to someone else, why did we have no duplicate trade filings?

The govt tricked the Grand Jury by saying that Quartis/Nimello were not allowed to file as the beneficial owner.

They knew they needed to freeze all my money (illegally) with the SEC case to make sure I had no money for lawyers and made sure I did not have attorneys of my choosing for 15 out of 19 months.

Then tried to say I committed a crime while on bail when Vanessa came to visit for a few weeks and made sure I was in jail and could not prove anything, have access to any computer, or defend myself.

We are fucking innocent and you should do something and tell the truth that the trades were mine and assigned. There is no crime!

You should at least write a letter (affidavit) to Judge Kennery, that what the witnesses testified was true, they never saw a fake trade, false claim form, phony backup trade document, or materially false claim because there were none!

You and Erik having an alias, mae helping you write emails, using the report generator to create reports of the real trades, of the real beneficial owners (assignees) Quartis/Nimello was nothing illegal.

The govt made you say that Quartis/Nimello were fraudulent clients, they were NOT, they were the actual beneficial owners of my trade data, that I legally assigned.

That is not only the truth, but the govt was not able to prove a single example to the contrary.

Please read my Motions for Acquittal, it may save your life. You do not want to spend time in jail. I have done over 15 months in jail and will get my revenge on Erik, the SEC, prosecutors and judge. I am looking to bring criminal charges against them for actual crimes.

Erik will get his when he gets to his jail, between dirty (rat) paperwork and looking like (a) big nosed Jewish child molestorer, I am hoping he is stabbed in the neck acter being someone’s bitch for a few weeks.

I can only wish such things but will be proceeding with legal actions.

I have all of the proof, over $100M in clearing and exchange fees of trades all in my name!

SpeedRoute was the only business like that and they don’t understand. They may not like it, but we did nothing illegal.

Now, the govt is trying to give me 25 more years (consecutive) on the bullshit tax case. They say that you and Dave will testify against me again, and that is fine, but Erik has already perjured himself with his only $9M to your alleged $12M.

You pled guilty to that as well and there were no taxes owed on settlement claims for many reasons. Any (profits) Alpha made paid the expenses.

I look forward to Erik’s cross exam as I am going to have aggressive attorneys nail him to the cross for his already perjured testimonies.

You should think about what I am telling you. I took in millions from Sonic from settlements and spoke to attorneys about the taxes, which were not due, because they were a proportion of the recognized loss!

Wake up Dave, they are using you to fuck me even more and you admitted to shit that was not criminal at all.

You can come clean and explain the truth. Or you can go to your jail with rat paperwork and see what jail is really like.

Don’t be a fucking Erik. If you want to acknowledge this you can reach out to my brother [phone number redacted] or something.

Save yourself, your family and mine. Just tell the truth and read my motions. I am not your enemy, Erik is, and mine as well.

Sincerely, Joe

P.S. You will see that Judge Kenney is a corrupt piece of shit as well.

You have a limited window to clarify that Erik lied. You did not, I read everything. We committed no crime!

The trades were real, owned by me, and legally assigned.

We would have won the trial if we spoke or were both aligned and honest. You know Erik and you see his lies in black and white. Read them all.

The DOJ’s motion seeks to admit Cammarata’s alleged witness tampering as evidence in his upcoming tax fraud trial.

A hearing on the motion has been scheduled for October 16th. Cammarata’s tax fraud trial remains scheduled to kick off on November 3rd.


Update 24th November 2023 – Cammarata has been found guilty on all five counts of tax fraud.