Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata is having ongoing financial difficulties with his lawyers.

The court previously approved $2 million in legal fees be carved out of an asset freeze. Cammarata claims those funds were exhausted prior to his first criminal trial.

In his recovery scam case, Cammarata (right) filed a pro se motion under seal on December 30th.

Based on the Judge’s order on the motion, it appears Cammarata’s motion sought release to home confinement. Cammarata is currently being held at a Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cammarata also claimed that his current attorneys, Cohen Williams LLP, would not file any motions on his behalf because

all of the legal fees paid to Cohen Williams were used before the trial even began.

The Judge denied Cammarata’s motion on the basis he wasn’t allowed to file pro se motions when he had representation.

With respect to the legal fees claim, the Judge ordered Cohen Williams to “verify this statement” and

provide under seal for the Court’s review in camera an accounting of how much of the $2,000,000 released for fees and cost has been expended to date1 on or before January 18, 2023.

Moving on to Cammarata’s SEC case docket, on January 4th he requested release of the funds the SEC had frozen via injunction.

Cammarata maintains the funds were “improperly frozen” in violation of the 6th Amendment.

Cammarata also provided further insight into his dispute with Cohen Williams.

I had spoken to Cohen Williams in early December 2021 and corresponded in writing telling them that I wanted to retain them, but the SEC illegally froze all of my assets and I could not pay them the $2M minimum they needed to be engaged without the SEC releasing it.

I had told them that I had about $350K in bitcoin money … but it was not enough.

As previously stated Cohen Williams were eventually paid, but…

I was informed that all of the legal fees paid to Cohen Williams were used before the trial even began.

They represented to get me through sentencing but would not file any motions.

On top of that, Cammarata claims he has “strategic ongoing differences” with Cohen Williams.

The court denied Cammarata’s motion for release of funds on January 5th.

In his release for funds motion, Cammarata claims he is “preparing for another criminal trial in New Jersey on January 23rd, 2023”.

This seemed a bit quick, seeing as Cammarata was only indicted for tax fraud in September 2022.

Looking at Cammarata’s tax fraud docket, a hearing is scheduled for January 23rd to set a trial date.

Cammarata is expected to be transported from the Detention Center in PA to appear at the New Jersey hearing in person.

I’ll check back after the January 23rd hearing for updates.


Update 24th January 2023 – As far as I know the January 23rd hearing took place. At the time of this update however there’s nothing on the case docket to reflect an update post-hearing.

I’ll check back in a few weeks.


Update 8th February 2023 – After I made the above update Cohen Williams and The Rossman Firm both filed a motion requesting permission to withdraw (January 24th).

This motion is made at the request of Mr. Cammarata due to strategic differences between himself and current counsel.

A hearing on the motion was held on February 6th, at which “current defense counsel agreed to remain in the case.”

As a result of the withdrawal filing, Cammarata’s previously scheduled May 24th sentencing was rescheduled for June 6th.