Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata’s SEC civil fraud case has been reopened.

The case, in which Cammarata is alleged to have misappropriated “at least $40 million” through recovery scams, was stayed back in February pending the outcome of parallel criminal proceedings.

Following a trial that commenced on October 20th, Cammarata (right) was convicted on all but one of twelve counts on October 26th.

Cammarata’s is scheduled to be sentenced on February 21st, 2023.

Getting back to the SEC’s case, Cammarata, who is currently representing himself, filed a motion requesting permission to

allow the Bureau of Prisons to update (his) laptop and allow printing from the laptop of external discovery drive.

Cammarata’s nine-page handwritten motion details ongoing issues with accessing discovery.

I petition this court to allow me to have the same access to my discovery that every other inmate has.

I can keep my own discovery drive in my cell to view on the discovery drive in my cell to view on the discovery computer (while it works), without the ridiculous limitations on using my own laptop for discovery.

I need access to my own files, tax documents, discovery, the internet and tools to properly defend myself and appeal what was clearly a complex case for this court and the jury.

I doubt that this court has had a more complex, technical and legal argument with over 5 million pages of discovery and issues of access to the wrongfully detained defendant.

The court denied Cammarata’s motion on on December 2nd, owing to the case still being stayed.

This prompted Capparata to file a motion to lift the stay on December 7th. The motion was partially granted with limitations restricted to briefing on December 12th.

On December 12th, Cammarata filed a motion requesting relief from the stay with respect to requested summary judgment.

Of the two claims for relief in the SEC’s complaint, Cammarata claims

the first claim of relief is wrongly interpreted and (contains) misunderstood allegations.

The SEC has been directed to respond to Cammarata’s motion before January 13th, 2023.

Cammarata then has until February 3rd to file a response, after which a ruling order will be made.

Later down the track a preliminary injunction hearing has been scheduled for February 28th.


Update 24th January 2023 – Owing to procedural complexities between Cammarata being in custody and there now being three cases to juggle, Cammarata’s preliminary injunction hearing has been rescheduled for June 6th, 2023.


Update 8th February 2023 – On January 27th Cammarata’s preliminary injunction hearing was rescheduled for June 22nd, 2023.


Update 18th September 2023 – The SEC has secured summary judgment against Cammarata.