iGenius, DreamTrips and Jifu are under investigation in Poland.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), is specifically investigating whether these companies are pyramid schemes.

The iGenius, Dream Trips and Jifu platforms can potentially constitute pyramid-type promotional systems in which earning depends on acquiring new members to the distribution structure.

The Office is clarifying whether the iGenius, Dream Trips and Jifu online platforms do not violate the collective interests of consumers.

Regardless of the pretext used, the common denominator of such systems is the recruitment of new members, building a structure and the promise of profits.

Profits come from new participants, but the system must collapse after some time because the money deposited is not invested in any assets.

UOKiK’s investigation into iGenius, DreamTrips and Jifu follows complaints from Polish consumers.

As reviewed here on BehindMLM;

  • iGenius commits securities fraud through the unregistered offering of automated trading (it should be noted that iGenius and parent company Investview are also under SEC investigation)
  • DreamTrips’ business model lends itself to the MLM company operating as a pyramid scheme
  • Jifu incorporates exhorbitant affiliate membership fees with pay to play, also lending itself to operation as a pyramid scheme

UOKiK warns that running a pyramid scheme in Poland carries the risk of a 2 million PLN fine (~$463,440 USD). Promoters of pyramid schemes face 10% disgorgement of ill-gotten gains.