GSPro has received a fraud warning from Arizona.

As per the Arizona Corporation Commission’s December 27th investor alert;

Upon information and belief, the Commission asserts that the respondents may be offering the same unregistered and fraudulent investments opportunities through a new entity called “GSPRO” and/or “GS Digital Partners, LLC.” If so, the respondents’ actions would be a violation of the Commission’s order.

The “Commission’s order” refers to an earlier November 16th securities fraud cease and desist, issued to GSPartners and owner Josip Heit (right).

GSPartners rebranded to GSPro earlier this month, following an avalanche of regulatory fraud warnings from eleven US states, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

A few days after the reboot, GSPro announced it was terminating all US investor accounts.

The status of funds invested into GSPartners and GSPro remain unknown. The funds are believed to have been laundered out of the US and other countries through various shell companies.

GSPro operates through GS Digital Partners LLC, a shell company registered in Georgia (the country).

Josip Heit, originally from Croatia, is believed to hold a German passport and be hiding out in Dubai.

Heit’s last public appearance was on a Monday 18th December GSPro corporate call.

This was just before GSPro terminated all US investor accounts. Since the terminations there have been no public announcements from anyone at GSPro corporate.

On the Monday GSPartners corporate call, Heit claimed the next corporate call would be on January 16th. Whether that’s still scheduled is unclear.

The ACC advises they wish to speak to “investors who have given money to the GSPartners entities, including GSPRO”. An ACC phone number and email address are provided as part of their GSPro fraud warning.