GSPartners has stopped whatever they were doing to peg G999’s public trading value at around 5 to 7 cents.

Consequently G999’s trading volume and value has plummeted.

The last round of blatant G999 manipulation began around October 2021.

If you look at G999’s public trading chart, you can see whatever manipulation was going on aimed to kept G999 within a set value range.

The bot bought G999 till it hit a programmed roof, then sold till it hit a programmed floor.

This pattern creates the odd up and down pattern you see on the chart. It also artificially inflated G999’s daily trading volume.

The manipulation continued until January 1st, wherein GSPartners abandoned their strategy.

Three things immediately happened:

  1. the swing trading manipulation stopped;
  2. actual daily G999 trading volume was revealed to be less than $50,000; and
  3. G999’s public trading value plummeted.

G999 has continued to decline throughout January, although volume has pushed close to $100,000 at times.

Still, without intervention from GSPartners, G999 overall remains in decline. In less than a month G999 has lost about 40% of its manipulated 2021 value.

This likely won’t change unless the manipulation bot is started up again, or new victims are recruited into GSPartners.

G999 was a spinoff of Josip Heit’s work on Karatbars KGC Ponzi shitcoin.

When KGC flopped in mid 2019, Heit, as Karatbars’ Chairman of the Board, was tasked with fronting angry investors.

Sometime towards the end of 2019 Heit split from Karatbars. He went on to launch GSPartners, taking a significant number of top Karatbars investors with him.

With G999 going nowhere GSPartners has gone on to launch a number of subsequent shitcoins.

Over the past six months there’s been JONE, XLT and LL.

LL is attached to Lydian Lions, GSPartners’ attempt to jump on the NFT bandwagon.

Based on website traffic analysis from Alexa, the US makes up the largest percentage of visitors to GSPartners’ website (40%).

US recruitment of investors is led by Georgia resident Michael Dalcoe.

Despite offering securities to US residents through GSPartners, neither GSPartners, Josip Heit or Michael Dalcoe are registered with the SEC.