On LinkedIn Michael Dalcoe cites himself as a member of GSPartners’ “Executive Council”.

On YouTube Dalcoe titles himself as CEO of the company:

Whatever his official role within the Ponzi scheme, evidently one of Dalcoe’s roles is silencing affiliates who complain.Like Dalcoe and practically all “got in early” GSPartners affiliates, Owen Millett jumped ship from the collapsed Karatbars International Ponzi scheme.

In between promoting GSPartners, Millett promotes other Ponzi schemes:

Beurax and QubitLife both collapsed earlier this year.

Millett also documents his GSPartners investment experience. Against a backdrop of G999 dumping to $0 and bogus lawsuits confirming a decline in new investment, Millett took to YouTube to share his thoughts.

In a video titled “#G999 #XLT & #GSB What Now?!?“, uploaded on July 28th, Millett (aka Golden Independence), Millett claims he’s done promoting G999 and GSPartners.

[1:20] This is in specific reference to this so-called XLT, or this real-estate coin, or real-estate opportunity, which I told many … that I was already very wary of that.

Millet reveals the latest blow to GSPartners affiliates is Josip Heit revealing, once invested in, XLT tokens will be locked for three years.

Purportedly this applies both to new investment and existing XLT investment.

Millett’s video caught the attention of Michael Dalcoe.

In a follow-up video uploaded on July 30th, Millett claims Dalcoe reached out to him to demand removal of the original video.

This didn’t go down well.

Evidently Millett is still holds a grudge, pertaining to a “STFU!” call he received from Dalcoe back in the Karatbars days.

[0:20] I just got hit up by a big leader; Michael Dalcoe. And he tried to call me … and I ignored him. Why?

A video called “We the leaders”. And I spoke out against what the leaders were doing at Karatbars. I expressed my mind as an independent affiliate.

I received a phonecall from Mr. Dalcoe, Michael Dalcoe … and when he started talking about taking my video down, I had to put him in his place.

I put him in his place. He knows what I said.

I let him know my knowledge. You weren’t talking to a cheerleader.

And that was three years ago. So the last time I had a conversation with Mr. Dalcoe was three years ago when I put him in his place.

So now it’s dejavu. He’s making reference to the last video that I did … saying that there’s some information that is wrong, and he wants to clear something up.

Well, considering the last time I spoke to you, Mr. Dalcoe, was three years ago, and you said you were gonna call me back so that, y’know we can talk further, and you never did.

And that’s cool. That’s fine. But don’t call me now, acting as if we’ve been chatty chatty all this time.

And now you’ve got the audacity, right? Not only did you ask “did I have time to chat?”, you didn’t know what I was doing.

But because I didn’t answer you quick enough, you just decide to call?

How rude. How arrogant. You narcissistic pig.

[5:16] I’m declaring myself as your enemy (from) here on out … you can’t come to me like all your other minions. You hear me?

That’s why I’m not engaging with your snake tongue. You backslider.

Millett goes on to acknowledge G999 is “backed by nothing”. In light of this, he calls Dalcoe out for holding webinars in which he tells people they’re “going to be trillionaires”.

[10:06] I got scripture for you. You ain’t ready. And I’m warning you, you ain’t ready. K? Cuz there’s a lot of people that’s gonna be hearing this.

Whether Dalcoe responds to Millett’s video remains to be seen.