Authorities in Rosario, a city in Argentina, have charged seven Generation Zoe money launderers.

Following four arrests last year, this brings the total number of Generation Zoe suspects charged in Rosario to eleven.

The seven suspects, Maximiliano Aguirre Bosc, Francisco Ferri, Marcos Medinelli, Juan Cruz Robledo, Diego Cadel, Federico Fernández Verdegna and Lucas Iglesias, were all arrested on October 22nd.

The accused were then presented in court, where they were were released on bail under condition they didn’t leave Argentina.

As reported by Rosario Plus, quoting Economic Crime Prosecutor Mariano Rios Artacho, the Rosario Generation Zoe money laundering network used several shell companies.

These included Generación Zoe SA, Zoe Empowerment, Al Coaches SASA, Zoe Construcciones, Universidad del Trading SA and Zoe Cash.

All under the coordination of Cositorto – already famous for his power of oratory and persuasion – pretended to set up education courses through coaching, financial advice and investment management, all “to defraud the victims.”

Charges against Generation Zoe scammers were filed following complaints from over thirty victims in Rosario.

Generation Zoe was an MLM cycler Ponzi created by Leonardo Cositorto.

Cositorto was arrested in the Dominican Republic in April 2022. He was then extradited to Argentina, where he’s remained behind bars pending the outcome of his criminal case.

Since Cositorto’s arrest there have been ongoing arrests of Generation Zoe accomplices. The latest was the arrest of Giovanni Caroglio in Mendoza on July 7th.

Another accomplice, Generation Zoe lawyer Gustavo Saavedra, pled guilty and was sentenced to four years in prison in June.

Unfortunately there have been no substantial updates on Cositorto’s case since he was last denied bail in July 2022.