Sixteen Generation Zoe victims have filed a civil lawsuit against Generation Zoe and three US-based promoters.

Zoe Global University is/was a Generation Zoe Florida shell company, run by Florida based defendants Pablo, Matias and Agustin Monteleone.

Named Plaintiffs in the originally filed July 13th, 2022 Florida civil suit are;

  1. Andrea Martinez (Florida)
  2. Eduardo Silva (Florida)
  3. Jose Luis Mantilla (Spain)
  4. Luis Angel Mantilla (minor represented by father Jose Luis Mantilla)
  5. Jose Angel Mantilla (minor represented by father Jose Luis Mantilla)
  6. Victoria Teran (Spain)
  7. Alejandro Silva (Florida)
  8. Veronica Roach (Florida)
  9. Maria Jose Hrepich (Florida)
  10. Andrea Silva (Florida)
  11. Xiomara Mantilla (Chile)
  12. Gustavo Diaz (Florida)
  13. Candela Munoz (Florida)
  14. Maria Viera (Colombia)
  15. Andres Puente Viera (minor represented by mother Maria Viera) and
  16. Fabian Bucarrey (Florida)

As alleged by the Plaintiffs;

This case concerns Plaintiffs’ provision of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Defendants based on Defendants’ fraudulent representations that they would invest and manage Plaintiffs monies and provide to Plaintiffs exorbitant returns on Plaintiffs’ investments.

Defendants operate a fraudulent business enterprise known as “Generation Zoe” or “Zoe University.”

Generation Zoe was a smart-contract Ponzi cycler run by Argentine national Leonardo Cositorto.

The last iteration of Generation Zoe was launched in 2021. The Ponzi scheme collapsed in early 2022.

Cositorto was eventually arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited back to Argentina.

We haven’t had any substantial updates on Cositorto’s criminal case since mid 2022.

Plaintiff’s complaint references Generation Zoe and Zoe University interchangeably. As I understand it, Zoe University was what the Monteleone Defendants recruited their Generation Zoe downline through.

Pablo Monteleone, Matias Monteleone, Agustin Monteleone, and Zoe Global University, LLC represented to Plaintiffs that “Zoe University” has offices worldwide located in various countries, and that Defendants opened a “Zoe University” office in Miami, Florida.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2021, during in-person meetings at Defendants’ “Zoe University” Miami offices which occurred between Plaintiffs and Defendants, as well as through written brochures and other documents, telephone calls, texts and emails, Defendants fraudulently induced Plaintiffs to provide substantial sums of monies to Defendants.

One part of the “risk free” grift allegedly saw Pablo Monteleone offer $200,000 “Multi Millionaire In” investment positions.

Under the Multimillionaire Pin investment, an investor would pay to Defendants the amount of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) and, in exchange, Defendants would pay to Plaintiffs One Thousand One Hundred Dollars ($1,100) per day for four years, after which Defendants would return the initial investment of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.

Pablo Monteleone also falsely represented that, if an investor purchased a Multimillionaire Pin, the investor would gain access to Defendants’ various properties located in South America for vacations.

Further, Pablo Monteleone falsely represented that investors in the Multimillionaire Pin would have access to airlines and planes owned by Defendants so that the investors could travel to destinations of their choosing at no cost.

Pablo Monteleone also falsely represented that investors in the Multimillionaire Pin would be invited to Defendants’ annual conference in Singapore.

Together, the sixteen Plaintiffs allege they lost $847,159 to the Monteleone Defendants.

Defendants never invested Plaintiffs’ monies in stocks, crypto currencies and businesses as promised by Defendants.

Rather than investing Plaintiffs’ monies as Defendants falsely represented they would, Defendants stole and absconded with Plaintiffs’ monies and converted Plaintiffs’ monies to Defendants’ own use.

Plaintiffs have sued the Monteleone Defendants across eleven counts of fraud:

  • conspiracy
  • fraudulent inducement
  • negligent misrepresentation
  • violations of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act
  • conversion
  • unjust enrichment
  • unregistered offer and sale of securities
  • violations of the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act
  • violations of the Securities Act of 1933
  • rescission and
  • breach of contract

On September 29th the Monteleone Defendants filed their answers to Plaintiff’s Complaint.

Despite seemingly misappropriating almost a million dollars, the Monteleone Defendants claim they

do not have money, since we were scammed by Leonardo Cositorto, just like the Plaintiffs.

For this reason we started a criminal case in Argentina, where Leonardo Cositorto’s company operates.

The Monteleone’s go on to allege the Plaintiffs invested in Generation Zoe prior to their getting involved.

It should be noted that the plaintiffs began their investments before Zoe Global University LLC existed, since they had a deal with Leonardo Corsitorto before May 2021.

On September 30th, the Monteleone Defendants filed the referenced “criminal complaint form”.

On January 10, 2020, Pablo Sebastian Monteleone and his brother, Matias Monteleone, joined ZOE, contributing … a capital of $300 and $1000.

In the year 2021, Pablo Sebastian Monteleone decides to settle in the United States of AMerica, specifically in the state of Florida where he owned a property, which was transmitted by him to those responsible fro ZOE Argentina.

Cositorto … had told him about the possibility of opening a branch in Miami.

Within the framework of the meetings, both Corisotro and (Maximiliano) Batista proposed … to open a branch of ZOE in Miami.

Supposedly on the money side of things Generation Zoe “country leaders” received 10% of country-wide investment. Offices like the one the Monteleone’s ran were supposed to receive 5%.

Cesar Quinteros and Daniela Solarte are cited as US country leaders for Generation Zoe.

Purportedly, Zoe University took in $12.1 million from US investors. Outgoing payments dried up as Generation Zoe collapsed, and the rest is history.

Total US Global Zoe losses remain unknown. To date US authorities haven’t signalled the Ponzi scheme or its top US promoters are under investigation.

Looking forward in the Florida case, a “special set hearing” has been scheduled for March 3rd.

I’ve added the Generation Zoe Florida lawsuit to BehindMLM’s case calendar. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.


Update 6th August 2023 – In March 2023 an $847,000 judgment was rendered against the Zoe Global University defendants.