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Generation Zoe metaverse architect arrested in Argentina

One of the architects behind Generation Zoe’s metaverse ruse has been arrested in Argentina. Giovanni Tomás David Caroglio was arrested following “a wave of raids” in Mendoza on July 7th.

Generation Zoe’s Gustavo Saavedra sentenced to 4 yrs prison

The first of “around 31” Generation Zoe defendants has been sentenced to four years in prison. Gustavo Saavedra, who worked as a lawyer for Generation Zoe, pled guilty to fraud charges last month. Following entry of his guilty plea, Saavedra was subject to an “abbreviated trial” as per Argentinian law.

Generation Zoe lawyer Gustavo Saavedra pleads guilty

The first of the arrested Generation Zoe defendants in Argentina has pled guilty. As reported by El Dario in Spanish on May 24th;

$847K judgment against Generation Zoe scammers in US

Generation Zoe scammers in Florida have been hit with an $847,159 judgment. The judgment was issued earlier this month by a state-level Dade County Court. Following collapse of the Generation Zoe Ponzi in early 2022, sixteen plaintiff victims from Florida, Spain, Chile and Colombia filed a case against their recruiters. Named defendants in the civil [Continue reading…]

Generation Zoe’s Hector Yrimia tied to Futswap Ponzi

As its legal advisor, Hector Luis Yrimia was an integral part of Leonardo Cositorto’s Generation Zoe Ponzi scheme. Hector Luis Yrimia fled to Dubai as Generation Zoe began collapsing in late 2022. After Argentinian authorities issued an international arrest warrant, raided his properties and seized assets, Yrimia turned himself in to Interpol’s Dubai branch. Argentinian [Continue reading…]

Rodrigo Hernán García arrested for Generation Zoe fraud

Argentinian authorities have made another Generation Zoe Ponzi arrest. Rodrigo Hernán García (aka Roko and Rokomanía), was arrested earlier this week by Argentina’s Anti-mafia division. He has been charged with illicit association and fraud.

Generation Zoe victims sue Ponzi promoters in the US

Sixteen Generation Zoe victims have filed a civil lawsuit against Generation Zoe and three US-based promoters. Zoe Global University is/was a Generation Zoe Florida shell company, run by Florida based defendants Pablo, Matias and Agustin Monteleone.

Leonardo Cositorto launches All Us Education pyramid scheme

Leonardo Cositorto, founder of the collapsed Generation Zoe Ponzi scheme, is currently being held in an Argentinian prison on fraud charges. Doubling down on fraud, Cositorto has now launched All Us Education.

Two Generation Zoe accountants arrested in Argentina

Authorities in Argentina have arrested two Generation Zoe accountants. Julieta Sciutti and Maximiliano Mitroff are cited as a “key part” of Generation Zoe’s money laundering.

Generation Zoe scammer arrested in Venezuela, more wanted

Authorities in Venezuela have arrested Generation Zoe promoter César Julio Gómez López. Following an investigation by the Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Investigation Service Corps (CICPC), Lopez has been charged with fraud related to “false investments”.