DMCA Wall of Shame @ BehindMLM

Root Wellness added to BehindMLM’s DMCA Wall of Shame

Following multiple attempts to suppress reporting, the latest of which is a series of bogus DMCA take-down notices, Root Wellness has been added to BehindMLM’s DMCA Wall of Shame. On June 15th Don Bailey, acting as an “authorized representative of Root Wellness LLC, Clayton Thomas and Christina Rahm, filed a series of bogus DMCA takedown [Continue reading…]

Nicholas Coppola tries to hide Meta Utopia Ponzi association

A few days ago BehindMLM published its Meta Utopia review. Meta Utopia itself is an unremarkable “metaverse” MLM crypto Ponzi scheme. As part of our research into it however, we tied Nicholas Coppola to the Ponzi scheme’s founder. Or rather he did, through a since-deleted Instagram story: Turns out Coppola wasn’t happy with being publicly [Continue reading…]

Darren Yaw tries to hide GCG Asia Ponzi via DMCA takedowns

Darren Yaw is running around trying to hide his Guardian Capital AG Ponzi past. Cue all manner of gaslighting, starting with a bunch of bogus DMCA takedown notices.

Bee-One & Subash George Manuel enter DMCA Wall of Shame

Subash George Manuel owns and operates Bee-One, a UK corporation. In addition to Bee-One Manuel operates Bee International, an immigration company specializing in immigration to Canada. Manuel is also active in the Indian cryptocurrency scene through the website Crypto Carbon. On June 3rd, 2017, BehindMLM received a DMCA take-down notice from Bee-One UK, sent on behalf [Continue reading…]