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Pedro Fort receives $14.9 mill Fort Ad Pays Ponzi judgment

Pedro Fort has been issued a $14.9 million judgment in the SEC’s Fort Ad Pays Ponzi case against him. The March 19th judgment follows the SEC moving for $38.6 million in relief against the Fort Ad Pays defendants a few weeks back.

SEC moves for $38.6 million in relief against Fort Ad Pays defendants

Last May Pedro Fort and his Fort Ad Pays Ponzi scheme entered default. Now the SEC has moved for $31.5 million in relief against three Fort Ad Pays defendants.

Pedro Fort defaults in SEC’s Fort Ad Pays fraud case

Following a failed bid to have tax-payers fund his defense, an entry of default has been recorded against Pedro Fort and Fort Ad Pays. Last November the SEC sued Fort for running the Fort Ad Pays. Fort Ad Pays was a Ponzi scheme launched in 2015. By mid 2016 the scheme had collapsed. Through Fort Ad [Continue reading…]

Pedro Fort’s lawyer “abandons case”, request for state attorney denied

Pedro Fort has seemingly been caught out in a web of lies, leading to his attorney withdrawing from the case for a second time. In a brief April 9th filing, Fort requested a “lawyer of the state” be appointed. Fort made the request because his “lawyer has abandoned the case”. He also claims to not [Continue reading…]

Pedro Fort’s dismissal denied, jury trial scheduled for September

In late 2017 the SEC filed charges against Ponzi admin Pedro Fort Berbel. Fort, a Spanish citizen, stands accused of causing $38 million in investor losses through his Fort Ad Pays, The Business Shop and MLM Shop Ponzi scheme. In an attempt to weasel out of liability, Fort filed a Motion to Dismiss on December [Continue reading…]

SEC sues Fort Ad Pays, reveals $38 million dollar Ponzi scheme

Fort Ad Pays was a Ponzi scheme that surfaced in 2015. Run by Pedro Fort, Fort Ad Pays affiliates invested in $1 to $300 on the promise of an advertised ROI of up to 210%. The ruse behind Fort Ad Pays’ business model was ad credit-packs, which provided advertising credits. By using these credits, Fort [Continue reading…]

Pedro Fort owns $1.2 million Miami mansion (Fort Ad Pays)

Last month saw the collapse of Fort Ad Pays, a Ponzi scheme launched by Pedro Fort in 2014. Now an investigation into Pedro Fort by El Pais has, among other things, uncovered Fort owns a $1.2 million dollar Miami mansion.

Fort Ad Pays Ponzi collapses, 40,000 investors lose money

Investing in a Ponzi scheme built on another Ponzi scheme was never a good idea, but that’s exactly what Fort Ad Pays offered. Amazingly over 40,000 people thought this was a good idea. Unfortunately now that Fort Ad Pays has collapsed, they’ve now collectively lost millions of dollars.

The Business Shop Review: Fort Ad Pays Ponzi reload scam

The Business Shop website domain (“”) was registered in November 2015, with the MLM opportunity launching shortly thereafter. Identified as CEO of the company on The Business Shop website is Pedro Fort. Fort (right) first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the owner of Fort Ad Pays, a Ponzi scheme that touts up to 300% ROIs [Continue reading…]

Fort Ad Pays Review: $1-$300 ad-credit Ponzi scheme

Identified as the owner of Fort Ad Pays on the company website is Pedro Fort. On his LinkedIn profile, Fort lists his location as Columbia, which is presumably where Fort Ad Pays is being operated from. The Pedro Fort Ads website domain lists Fort as the owner, using what appears to be a bogus address in [Continue reading…]