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Strizheus: Problems for Empower Network in South Dakota?

Big Idea Mastermind is the marketing system developed for and used by Vick Strizheus’ Empower Network downline. Launched in 2012, today Big Idea Mastermind (BIM), is “the number one team in Empower Network”. After a week of emails announcing what was touted as “the most important webinar that” Strizheus has “ever hosted”, things kicked off last night [Continue reading…]

Empower Network decline taking its toll?

Empower Network launched on the simple idea that people would pay the affiliate who recruited them $25 a month for WordPress. Once they had their foot in the door and realised WordPress was free and not owned by Empower Network, they’d then be told to “go all in” and purchase further “training”. Once they’d paid [Continue reading…]

Wood’s training would exhaust EN within a month?

There’s been somewhat of a recent trend in MLM to collectively refer to affiliates and retail customers as just “customers”. No doubt the brainchild of a PR firm and compliance team conceived in a dank basement somewhere, the idea behind the constant use of this marketing tactic is to infer that affiliate customers equate to retail [Continue reading…]

DOJ issue end of year warning to Ponzi scammers

Due to ongoing coverage of some the biggest Ponzi schemes that operate within the MLM industry, here at BehindMLM one of the more common questions we get is “why aren’t the authorities doing anything?” Some affiliate investors in such schemes even go so far as to use a lack of regulatory intervention as “proof” of [Continue reading…]

Wood: Empower Network is “not about the product”

My single biggest criticism of Empower Network has been that, at the monthly subscription levels, essentially you’ve got affiliates paying eachother for a product was readily available for free. Pay your $125 a month to the person who recruited you plus an affiliate fee to the company, and off you go “working” your new Empower [Continue reading…]

Did Empower Network “defraud” Mack Zidan?

In September of 2012 CEO David Wood “gave props” to Mack Zidan and named him Empower Network’s “top recruiter”. I’m not sure whether now, over a year later, Zidan still holds the top recruiter title, however to date Zidan claims to have personally recruited over 2900 affiliates into Empower Network. As a result Zidan, who [Continue reading…]

SimpleFastCash Review: $5 Empower Network feeder

SimpleFastCash launched in March of 2013 and was founded by Graham Frame, who operates out of Lincolnshire in the UK. Frame appears to have joined Empower Network about a year ago, under the affiliate acccount “frammie”: In a marketing video Frame uploaded to his YouTube channel, titled “Why Empower Network Does Not Work!”, Frame credits [Continue reading…]

WMI files lawsuit over “gutting” of business

Following the failure of plans to take WMI public in late 2011, possibly halted following the revelation of an SEC investigation into the company, it’s no secret that Wealth Masters International has all but descended into the annals of MLM obscurity. Launched amidst a boom of personal development MLM opportunities, each offering its personal brand [Continue reading…]

Empower Network battles affiliates over compliance

On the eve of Empower Network’s Denver affiliate conference, an interesting feud has been brewing between Empower Network and some of its affiliates. Firing the first shot on the 12th of July, Empower Network published the following ‘important announcement from Empower Network Compliance‘ on their website: Empower Network Compliance is in the process of investigating [Continue reading…]

Empower Network to release own blogging platform

With Empower Network’s Denver affiliate conference coming up the company has begun to spam press release websites with an announcement about their new blogging platform. Dubbed “Empower Network 2.0”, the company writes Software and web marketing company Empower Network will (host) its quarterly affiliate conference at the Bellco Theater at 700 14th St. on July [Continue reading…]