A local leader of the GIG-OS Ponzi scheme has been arrested in Argentina.

Only identified as “FMV”, the scammer was arrested during a series of raids last Thursday.

As reported by Rosario3 on December 7th;

The detainee is expected to be taken to an indictment hearing by the economic crimes prosecutor Mariano Ríos Artacho.

GIG-OS is the third reboot of EmGoldex, a gold themed Ponzi scheme believed to be run by Russian scammers.

Following Global Intergold, the second collapsed reboot of EmGoldex, GIG-OS saw the Ponzi transition to cryptocurrency.

Heading up GIG-OS is Dmitry Aksyonov.

Other than him being Russian, nothing is known about Aksyonov. While GIG-OS is likely run by Russians, Aksyonov himself is a prime Boris CEO candidate.

The arrest of an Argentinian GIG-OS promoter coincides with the resurrection of the Ponzi scheme across South America.

Global Intergold , a company that promised extraordinary profits and, according to the complainants, postponed the rendering of payments to investors, unleashing a flood of complaints since at least March 2022.

SimilarWeb tracked ~74,000 visits to GIG-OS’ website in November 2023, down from ~160,000 in September.

Top sources of GIG-OS website traffic are Argentina (51%, down 30% month on month), Brazil (21%), Venezuela (6%), Uruguay (5%) and the Netherlands (5%).

The Central Bank of Uruguay issued GIG-OS and Global InterGold securities fraud warnings earlier this year in February.

Other related regulatory action, dating back to Emgoldex, includes: