The Superintendencia de Banca is responsible for the ‘regulation and supervision of the Financial System of Insurance and Private Pension System‘ in Peru.

In an action that slipped under the radar, last month the Superintendencia de Banca issued a warning against Global InterGold (EmGoldex) and Jeunesse.

Superintendencia de Banca warn neither Global InterGold, EmGoldex or Jeunesse have authorization to operate in Peru.

It is recalled that under Article 11 of Law No. 26702, General Law of the Financial System and the Insurance System and Organic Law of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, any natural or legal person intending to capture or receive money third, in the form of deposit, mutual or any other form, requires the prior authorization of the SBS.

The regulator claims the warning was issued to “safeguard the public interest”.

A Google search for “global intergold peru” currently returns 11,200 results. A search for “jeunesse peru” returns almost 400,000.

In our own reviews, BehindMLM concluded Global Intergold was just a rebranding of the EmGoldex Ponzi scheme.

Jeunesse isn’t quite as nefarious, but the company’s business model does lend itself to affiliate autoship recruitment.