GIG-OS is the latest chapter in the EmGoldex scam saga.

EmGoldex was a gold themed cycler Ponzi scheme that launched in 2014.

Following multiple regulatory investigations and fraud warnings (the US, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE), EmGoldex collapsed in mid 2015.

The company rebooted as Global InterGold shortly after the collapse, carrying on as if nothing happened.

In November 2015 Philippine authorities filed criminal charges against local ringleaders.

Since then Global InterGold fraud warnings have been issued by Curacao and Peru.

In February 2019 authorities in Sweden arrested Joseph Tran, a serial Ponzi scammer who dated back to the EmGoldex days.

Two months ago Global InterGold collapsed and was rebooted as GIG-OS.

GIG-OS (Global I Gold Online), has been set up as a bogus shell company in England.

Who owns and operates any of the EmGoldex companies has never been publicly disclosed. In our Global InterGold review, marketing footage suggested eastern Europeans were behind the scheme.

This is supported by the majority of EmGoldex/Global InterGold/GIG-OS marketing videos being natively recorded in Russian.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

GIG-OS’s Products

GIG-OS has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market GIG-OS affiliate membership itself.

GIG-OS’s Compensation Plan

GIG-OS affiliates purchase matrix cycler positions:

  • Smart –  €235 EUR
  • Pro – €385 EUR
  • Accord – €485 EUR
  • Line – €885 EUR

Cycler positions are valid for 12 months and incur additional undisclosed tax fees.

After 12 months a GIG-OS affiliate must purchase another cycler position in order to continue earning.

As with Global InterGold, the size of matrix used in GIG-OS is not disclosed.

For reference EmGoldex used 2×3 matrices, so a similarly sized matrix is likely deployed in GIG-OS.

In any event, cycler returns are paid when a GIG-OS affiliate’s matrix is filled via direct and indirect recruitment.

Returns paid out across GIG-OS’s four cycler tiers are as follows:

  • Smart – two positions paying €300 EUR each (€600 EUR total return)
  • Pro – three positions paying €750 EUR each (€2250 EUR total return)
  • Accord – two positions paying €650 EUR each (€1300 EUR total return)
  • Line – two positions paying €1200 EUR each (€2400 EUR total return)

The reduced returns paid across Accord and Line suggest smaller matrix sizes might be used to speed up cycling.

Leadership Bonus

The Leadership Bonus appears to be an additional fifteen-tier 4×1 matrix cycler.

To qualify for the Leadership Bonus a GIG-OS affiliate must have

  • recruited three affiliates who have each invested; and
  • generated €35,000 EUR in downline investment volume.

Once qualified, commissions are paid out using what appears to be 4×1 matrices:

As I understand it Leadership Bonus qualified GIG-OS affiliates pay the fees for each cycler tier on the right.

As other Leadership Bonus qualified affiliates are placed into their matrices, they earn the amounts in the right two columns.

The “Minimum Bonus For Transaction” column are minimum amounts required before a GIG-OS affiliate can “unlock” the next Leadership Bonus cycler tier.

For reference, 50 units = €35,000 EUR in downline investment volume.

Fractal Units appears to be some legacy scam module from Global InterGold. It is not explained in GIG-OS’s compensation plan or on their website (neither is the Leadership Bonus for that matter).

Joining GIG-OS

GIG-OS affiliate membership is tied to a four-tier cycler position purchase:

  • Smart –  €235 EUR
  • Pro – €385 EUR
  • Accord – €485 EUR
  • Line – €885 EUR

Positions are valid for twelve months, after which they must be renewed.

GIG-OS state they charge tax on cycler position purchases but don’t provide exact amounts.


GIG-OS is what you’d expect from EmGoldex’s third reboot.

Other than the names attached to investment tiers changing, and of course the company name itself, GIG-OS is pretty much more of the same.

You invest, recruit others who do the same and receive a percentage of their invested funds. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Gold is used as a marketing ploy to solicit investment. This dates back to EmGoldex, where the ruse was people were able to buy gold with their cycler returns.

Other than perhaps once for social media marketing purposes, nobody opts for gold in lieu of cycler returns paid in money.

So why bother rebooting EmGoldex for a third time?

As far as I can tell the Europeans behind the scheme are wanting to have a crack at Africa.

As I write this Alexa cites Nigeria (27%) as the only notable source of traffic to GIG-OS’s website domain.

Historically EmGoldex and Global InterGold scammed investors in south-east Asia. That market has perhaps finally run dry, and so now they’ve set their sights on a new region to scam.

Be it Africa or south-east Asia however, a Ponzi cycler is a Ponzi cycler.

When GIG-OS affiliate recruitment collapses again, kaboom.


Update 16th July 2023 – GIG-OS is still kicking around. A reader sent in an gold bar invoice issued by Aurome Smart SRL.

Aurome Smart SRL is a shell company registered in Romania. GIG-OS is also now referring to its MLM opportunity as “GI OS Time Shift”.

Since publication of this review, GIG-OS recruitment in Nigeria has collapsed.

Based on SimilarWeb traffic estimates, GIG-OS is now being pitched in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Italy.