dfrf-enterprises-logoWho didn’t see this one coming…?

On May 8th Daniel Filho appeared in a DFRF Enterprises marketing video and promised to publicly disclose DFRF’s entry into the US stock market;

[5:44] Now that the company is already public, I’m sure you have a lot of people enquiring and uh asking you as to what is the stock symbol and what stock exchange is this trading on?

[5:56] We are withholding this information till June 3rd, in order to protect the value and also the entire project.

Hours ago DFRF published a new marketing video, titled “Stock Market, Operational System and Debit Card”.

Despite the video running for twelve and a half minutes however, none of what Filho promised on May 8th was revealed.

Instead, a flustered and angry sounding Filho spent most of the twelve minutes acknowledging “attacks” from unnamed parties, claiming such attacks have only made DFRF Enterprises “stronger and more blessed”.

Filho also strongly channeled the persona of a cult leader, repeatedly referring to DFRF investors as a “family”. Such terminology is often used by Ponzi scammers to instill a sense of “us vs. them” among participants.

Although “hackers” and “bloggers” are referenced by Filho, I have a sneaking suspicion there’s more going on behind the scenes then he let on.

[0:41] Based on the events that occurred over the last four weeks, especially on the last week, particularly in the last two or three days, we are being attacked for hundreds of thousands of times, basically every single day.

BehindMLM is obviously a lightning rod for criticism of Ponzi schemes, but I only wrote two articles on DFRF Enterprises in May. And certainly nothing with the last week.

My suspicions that Filho is not disclosing a regulatory investigation are based on DFRF Enterprises namedropping the SEC and FBI in recent marketing attempts, along with the lack of promised stock disclosure today.

Revealingly, at no point in today’s video does Filho clearly explain why he is not revealing the “already set up” stock code he claims DFRF have. Ditto full disclosure of SEC filings and registration.

Instead, Filho presents a “hydra” scenario, through which he claims “nobody can stop the company”.

[5:48] Today we don’t have one single point of failure, but we have several points (and) we can rotate it.


[5:56] We can shutdown one point and upload in a matter of seconds.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Filho has created a vast network of shell companies to launder DFRF funds through. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but it does explain why he’s reluctant to publicly release information about which company or companies he’s got registered.

Doing so would open up a papertrail, which would then expose the network.

Regulators (the SEC in this instance) of course don’t need public disclosure to get to the bottom of DFRF Enterprises money laundering network.

Whether the agency have begun investigating DFRF and Filho at this point in time is unclear, but I’d have a hard time believing their not aware of the scheme at this point.

Looking forward, when Filho might come clean and disclose DFRF’s SEC registration information and purported stock code is unclear. The question was not answered in today’s video.

Instead Filho took the opportunity to encourage new and existing investors to dump more funds into the scheme, promising them a fixed share price of $15.06 until Friday.

Sometime next week Filho claims the made up price of DFRF shares will be set at $30 “per option”. Filho also claims the estimated value of DFRF Enterprises shares is over $50, but he does not disclose how he arrived at this figure.

My guess following today’s backflip on public disclosure is that Filho himself is never going to make this information public.

Instead he’ll just continue to string investors along, laundering whatever is deposited to whatever offshore hidey-hole bank account he’s using.

Between Filho’s past Ponzi scheme bust in Florida, his ties to a major Mexican drug cartel, Canada issuing a DFRF regulatory warning and the murky details surrounding the recent withdrawal of a RICO civil lawsuit, I’d say it’s only matter of time before we see an SEC complaint filed.

Typically I don’t preempt regulatory action but as I’ve mentioned previously, with DFRF there’s just too much going on here to ignore.

Stay tuned…


Footnote: The video cited in this article is titled “Stock Market, Operational System and Debit Card”.

It was uploaded to the YouTube account “DFRF TV” on June 3rd and can be viewed below in its entirety:


Update 4th March 2019 – As of sometime in the last week the video referenced above has been deleted from YouTube.